N-able and SentinelOne help MSPs boost endpoint security services

N-able is deepening its ties with SentinelOne by announcing new and enhanced joint endpoint security solutions that will help MSPs capitalize on opportunities to grow their business through enterprise-grade security services delivery.

Through tighter integration of N-able Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) across its remote monitoring and management platforms and the launch of N-able Attack Surface Management, powered by SentinelOne, N-able is making it easier than ever for its partners to deliver security services value at scale to their small and medium enterprise customers at levels typically only experienced by larger enterprises.

This enhanced protection is invaluable for smaller companies that may operate with limited budgets or without access to top-tier security talent, enabling them to fortify their defenses against increasingly sophisticated cyber threats.

MSPs and their customers are increasingly becoming targets for bad actors and, often, the endpoint is the “way in.” In order to help ensure a stronger level of protection, a layered approach is crucial. The expanded offerings build on the broader security solution set from N-able that helps MSPs strengthen their risk and compliance stance across the full threat lifecycle covered within the NIST cybersecurity framework, from identify, protect, detect, and respond, to recover.

EDR gives MSPs the ability to mitigate ransomware at lightning speed by helping them defend endpoints against a variety of attacks in real-time across the threat lifecycle. Deeper integration within N-able RMM platforms means that N-able partners can move even quicker to thwart these threats.

Managed EDR supplements EDR with dedicated managed security services. Powered by SentinelOne Vigilance Respond, Managed EDR enlists SentinelOne’s 24×7 security operations center (SOC) and Vigilance security experts to monitor, review, and act upon every EDR-identified threat that puts your network at risk.

The newest Attack Surface Management offering helps MSPs more easily identify connected endpoints and block unauthorized devices.

Since launching their partnership three years ago, N-able and SentinelOne have helped protect over 1.4 million endpoints. In putting the endpoint at the forefront of the cybersecurity battle, MSPs can deliver services that are differentiated and turn security headwinds into tailwinds.

“It’s no longer a question of if, but ‘when’ when it comes to a cyberattack,” stated Troels Rasmussen, N-able general manager of security products. “The endpoint is a sweet spot for threat actors, and this makes our partnership with SentinelOne even more beneficial for our partners. SentinelOne is a trusted cybersecurity leader, and our deepened relationship gives MSPs a stronger set of weapons in their security arsenal, at levels typically only realized by big enterprise companies.”

“More and more of our customer organizations are turning to managed services providers to consume our next-generation security solutions,” said Chris Catanzaro, VP, MSSP, SentinelOne. “N-able is a market leader and ideal partner to help us deliver comprehensive cybersecurity solutions in a platform to MSPs and IT service providers of all sizes, and we are pleased to be deepening our relationship to serve customers with excellence.”

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