Ashade Tech TrustPattern provides printable smartcard functions with dual authentication

Ashade Tech launched TrustPattern, a technology that facilitates storing information on any surface using image pattern recognition.

The technology encodes data using advanced computer algorithms, generating image patterns that can be printed on top of any surface using generic document printers.

The technology also features advanced privacy-friendly features, providing complete control of access to information. TrustPattern technology can be integrated using our API, available to any mobile, web-based, or on-site application without a significant investment of capital.

TrustPattern results from 9 years of research and development and can be quickly implemented without significant investments, providing the best ROI to our customers. The technology can store all the information a smartcard chip stores without requiring smart chips, cards, chip encoders, etc. Hence the name ‘printable smartcard’,” said Dr. Lalitha Kaleedhass, President at Ashade Tech Inc.

TrustPattern features

TrustPattern is a sophisticated and advanced technology featuring dual authentication, providing fine-grained control of access to information. The technology provides “printable smartcard” functions and offers the best ROI.

  • TrustPatter image pattern can be printed on top of any surface – paper/plastic.
  • The technology requires no special printers.
  • TrustPattern supports data compartmentalization, controls access to information, and puts users in the decision-making process.
  • Supports cloud, on-site, online, offline and hybrid deployments.

TrustPattern applications

TrustPattern, an AI-enabled patented technology, has various applications by industries and sectors:

  • Government: Driving Licenses, Digital IDs
  • Insurance: Insurance ID, Policy declarations, Cover note
  • Banking and finance: Certificate of Deposits
  • Transportation: Travel passes (frictionless)
  • Education: Educational certificates, mark sheets
  • Retail: Reward/Membership systems, Supply-Chain verification
  • Any industry or application that requires counterfeit detection.

“TrustPattern is the technology that provides dual authentication with fine-grained control of access to information. Ashade Tech provides API (application programming interfaces) for major application platforms, and we also offer turn-key implementation services,” said Dr. Karthik Kaleedhass, CPO at Ashade Tech Inc.

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