Oscilar introduces generative AI powered platform for fraud prevention

Oscilar unveiled a generative AI risk decisioning offering that enables companies to manage credit, fraud, and compliance risks.

Even the most well-funded companies struggle to keep up with the increasing pace and sophistication of fraud schemes, which led to more than $8 billion in consumer losses last year,” said Oscilar CTO Sachin Kulkarni.

“Our newest AI Risk Decisioning solution, radically expedites risk decision-making, greatly reduces human effort spent on manual decision-making, and establishes scalable fraud programs that operate with greater efficiency and effectiveness. Oscilar empowers risk operators to tackle complex fraud and risk problems at scale from multiple dimensions,” added Kulkarni.

Oscilar’s AI Risk Decisioning solution differs from current fraud and risk tools because it scours data from the most comprehensive open and closed sources, builds fraud knowledge on top of it, and uses AI to bring this information together in a unified way.

As a result, Oscilar, equipped with context-aware conversational AI, automatically recognizes potential fraud patterns, allows you to do root cause analysis, and makes recommendations on how to address risk in real-time through a natural language interface.

Customers are now able to harness the power of generative AI to more effectively manage risk across every customer touchpoint. By integrating Oscilar AI, LLMs, and Oscilar’s risk operating system, the company offers customers the ability to unify data sources to power a 360-degree view of the user’s risk profile and create a cognitive, context-aware methodology for smartly and quickly assessing risk.

Oscilar is now working with dozens of fintech’s leading companies including Super, Slope, Flexcar, Finsync, and more.

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