DigiSure TrustScreen Negative File protects sharing platforms against fraud

DigiSure has launched TrustScreen Negative File, adding another layer of protection against fraud and unwelcome activity on sharing platforms.

DigiSure empowers companies to embed digital insurance offerings, control their losses and margin, and keep their customers safe with data-driven solutions across their insurance program. Their TrustScreen solution seamlessly integrates into onboarding or reservation workflows, balancing risk and compliance with growth targets for the modern sharing economy.

Using the Negative File during the TrustScreen process, the company can quickly and effectively identify fake or stolen IDs and fraud attempts from known bad actors.

DigiSure’s ability to detect fraudulent activities stems from its extensive database of recognized undesirable users, allowing it to identify patterns and repeated attempts by scammers using similar data. In doing so, it empowers its customers to proactively prevent significant issues like theft and bad publicity, while also enhancing relationships with their users, investors, and shareholders.

Additionally, DigiSure allows its customers to share their own data about unacceptable on-platform behavior, such as a renter abandoning a vehicle or participating in illegal activities in the rental, or an owner attempting to commit insurance fraud. Through insights garnered from behaviors on multiple sharing platforms, Digisure empowers its customers to craft more robust and effective user evaluation guidelines.

“With five years of experience and data, DigiSure is uniquely positioned to offer this product to our customers to help keep their platforms and users safe. We are honored that our customers trust us as partners, and that they are eager to share more of their data to widen the impact of the Negative File and allow others to learn from their experience, said Mike Shim, CEO of DigiSure.

The implementation of the Negative File is not only beneficial among similar business models in mobility but also extends to the entire sharing economy by enhancing security measures and effectively deterring malicious individuals.

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