Claroty and Rockwell Automation expand capabilities with SaaS-powered OT security solution

Claroty has unveiled an expansion of its capabilities in collaboration with Rockwell Automation by adding the SaaS-powered industrial cybersecurity platform Claroty xDome to Rockwell Automation’s global services portfolio. Additionally, Rockwell Automation customers now have access to Claroty’s complete suite of cloud-based and on-premise OT security offerings.

As OT networks become increasingly connected to enterprise IT systems as part of digital transformation initiatives, they also become exposed to new threats that require stronger risk reduction strategies. To better protect these modernized OT environments, industrial organizations are turning to cloud-based cybersecurity solutions for more scalability, flexibility, continuous monitoring, automated threat detection, and reduced total cost of ownership.

Claroty xDome provides comprehensive security coverage, integrated interoperability, and bidirectional technology alliances. The partnership expansion highlights Rockwell’s stance in OT security by offering a cloud-hosted OT security solution to its customers. This step positions Rockwell on the vanguard of enabling secure digital transformation, underpinning the company’s dedication to innovation and security.

“In today’s rapidly digitizing world, providing our clients with advanced, cloud-based OT security isn’t just a value-add; it’s a necessity,” said Matt Kennedy, VP, Global Capabilities and Innovation, Lifecycle Services at Rockwell Automation.

“Our partnership with Claroty marks a significant milestone in our journey towards enabling enterprises with the tools they need to remain both competitive and secure. Rockwell Automation combined with Claroty xDome enables industrial organizations to make even greater strides with their digital transformation while keeping operations secure,” Kennedy added.

With the addition of xDome, Rockwell Automation’s global portfolio now features Claroty’s complete suite of industrial cybersecurity offerings, along with Continuous Threat Detection (CTD) and Secure Remote Access (SRA). Together, these solutions deliver purpose-built cybersecurity controls that identify, protect, monitor, and optimize all OT, IoT, and BMS assets, systems, and processes in industrial environments.

This comprehensive partnership ensures that Rockwell Automation’s customer base receive not just protection, but a holistic, future-proof security program.

“We’re thrilled to partner with Rockwell Automation and expand our offering to our joint customers,” said CJ Radford, global VP of channels and alliances at Claroty.

“Claroty’s strategic relationship with Rockwell Automation underscores our shared vision of providing industries with next-generation security solutions poised to take on the era of digital transformation. With Rockwell Automation’s impressive global footprint, we’re confident that more enterprises will now be equipped to tackle the cyber challenges of the modern age. And with the addition of xDome availability, customers can accelerate their time to value quickly with a low friction deployment,” Radford concluded.

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