Silobreaker AI enhances threat intelligence strategy

Silobreaker unveiled plans for its new generative AI tool, Silobreaker AI, which will provide assistance to threat intelligence teams tasked with collecting, analysing and reporting on intelligence requirements.

With Silobreaker AI, analysts will be able to accelerate the production of high-quality intelligence reports for key decision makers within their organisation, helping them to assess and reduce organisational exposure to geopolitical, cyber and physical risks, with confidence and at a faster pace.

Silobreaker AI – which will be integrated into the Silobreaker intelligence platform – can summarise and extract key information from Silobreaker’s own analyst content and then generate topical threat reports, which stakeholders can leverage to make intelligence-led decisions. Trained to think like an intelligence analyst, the tool evaluates information, checks assumptions and evidence, and adds rich context around trending threats and risks to support priority intelligence requirements.

“Silobreaker AI is a ‘cheat code’ for threat intel teams, providing them with faster insights into the threats that matter most to their organisations, and enabling more decisive action to reduce risks to data, assets, revenues, and brand reputation,” said Per Lindh, CTO of Silobreaker. “Just as crucially, because the AI sits on top of our own analyst-created content, its insights aren’t just fast, they are also accurate and trustworthy.”

The new AI tool augments Silobreaker’s wide range of threat intelligence capabilities, adding computer-aided learning and automation techniques to further streamline the collection, aggregation, accurate analysis and dissemination of open-source intelligence data.

Other features include the Silobreaker Intelligence Hub, which draws data from across millions of open, dark web and finished intelligence sources, Silobreaker Relevance Engine, which provides context for even the most complex unstructured data sets, and Silobreaker Workspace, a customisable dashboard which enables teams to monitor, analyse, collaborate and report on incidents in real-time.

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