IRONSCALES expands platform capabilities to improve employee phishing awareness

IRONSCALES announced its Fall ’23 Release, strengthening its foundational behavioral analysis with deep image-based detection capabilities to stop email attacks that bypass text analysis such as QR code phishing attacks (or quishing).

IRONSCALES detection capabilities

Additionally, IRONSCALES released phishing simulation testing enhancements with the launch of Autonomous Campaigns, enabling security administrators to automate phishing simulation testing campaigns, making it easier and faster to train employees on the latest phishing attacks. These new capabilities provide better organizational protection and strengthen employee phishing awareness to support organizations’ overall adaptive AI security strategy.

Advanced ML capabilities to fight image-based phishing (quishing)

As generative AI (GenAI) technology advances, it significantly augments sophistication and the volume of attacks cybercriminals can now deploy, exacerbating cybersecurity challenges CISOs and their teams have to manage and deflect today. IRONSCALES data analysts have observed a dramatic 215% increase in phishing emails incorporating images in Q3 2023 compared to volumes seen in Q1 2023. Image-based phishing attacks, such as quishing, use malicious QR codes or images in emails to sidestep AI-based language processing.

With the addition of deep image-based detection capabilities, IRONSCALES unites its foundational behavioral analysis with Optical Character Recognition (OCR), deep-text and image processing, and natural language models for comprehensive, multi-modal protection of image-based phishing threats.

Automated simulation campaigns free up time and resources

The new autonomous phishing simulation testing functionality eliminates the time-consuming task imposed on IT and Security teams of creating timely and relevant simulation campaigns. With Autonomous Campaigns, IRONSCALES customers can skip the manual setup process and put their phishing simulation testing on autopilot, ensuring they deliver phishing simulations that are based on real-world examples of email attacks. Customers simply choose the months they want to be automated, and IRONSCALES will craft and initiate real-world threat-based simulations and share the results.

Enhanced reporting for organizational visibility and improved employee awareness

Additionally, the release delivers enhanced reporting to offer immediate metrics and a comprehensive summary of simulation testing campaign results to compare against industry benchmarks, identify training gaps, measure effectiveness, and improve future campaign strategy.

“Phishing threats are rapidly evolving in sophistication, and it’s more crucial than ever for organizations to ensure their employees are trained and prepared so they can be a vital layer of defense against these attacks,” said Eyal Benishti, CEO of IRONSCALES. “Our job is to take the burden of threat detection and employee security training off of security teams. And we think that our new Fall ‘23 release is going to do just that.”

IRONSCALES is the email security solution that integrates both adaptive AI and human insights to stop advanced phishing. This advanced capability effectively combats phishing threats such as AI-generated BEC attacks, QR code phishing (quishing), account takeover (ATO), and VIP impersonation. With IRONSCALES, organizations can protect better against evolving threats, simplify complex security operations, and empower their teams to become the first line of defense.

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