LastPass and Acronis join forces to strenghten password protection for MSPs

LastPass and Acronis announced a partnership to provide password management integration for managed service providers (MSPs) using Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud, an all-in-one data and cybersecurity protection platform.

The integration, accessible from the Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud marketplace, will enable MSPs to offer better password hygiene and streamlined password management across their client base.

“We’re thrilled to work with the Acronis team and provide centralized password protection, making it easier for MSPs to administer their resold LastPass licenses and perform administrative tasks directly from the Acronis dashboard they’re already leveraging on a daily basis,” said Amy Appleyard, CRO at LastPass. “Not only will this integration help drive awareness and growth for LastPass, but it will also result in reduced staff burden and better protection for Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud MSPs and their clients – a true win-win.”

Through the LastPass integration, MSPs can minimize friction by seamlessly helping their clients and employees login to accounts and generate, secure, and share credentials without interrupting their workflow. Additional LastPass admin functions include managing user access, requiring master password changes, and more. The integration connects with customers’ existing infrastructure for immediate control over their business ecosystem.

“We’re glad to partner with LastPass and offer password protection to our MSPs and their clients through this fully integrated solution,” said Peter Makarov, Director, Technology Partner Program and Ecosystem at Acronis. “The LastPass integration will not only help MSPs increase password security for their customers, but it will also free up valuable time so our partners can focus more on value-add initiatives, knowing their password management needs have been securely addressed.”

Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud MSPs joining the LastPass Allegiance Partner Program will now have access to LastPass onboarding and support, a library of marketing resources and more to simplify deployment and adoption, and the LastPass University training platform for admins, users, and partners.

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