Akamai and Deloitte partner for zero trust and incident response services

Akamai and Deloitte have announced a strategic alliance to provide zero trust microsegmentation and incident response services to Deloitte customers worldwide. This alliance will combine Deloitte’s expertise in cybersecurity, network forensics, and security with the Akamai Guardicore Segmentation solution. This combination has already provided organizations in Latin America and other regions with immediate protection from ransomware attacks that otherwise may have been disastrous.

Ransomware attacks continue to grow and wreak havoc on organizations of all sizes. According to a recent report from Akamai, the number of ransomware victims increased 143% from Q1 2022 to Q1 2023 due to the exploitation of zero-day and one-day vulnerabilities. This underscores the importance of ensuring organizations have the right people and technology in place to defend against these growing threats.

“Few incident response or network security offerings have provided as much value to our clients as Akamai Guardicore Segmentation. Deloitte has been recommending and implementing this solution with clients that require east-west network traffic security controls, and are dealing with active breaches and preventing lateral movement,” said Marcelo Diaz, Cyber Risk Partner at Deloitte.

“We also received tremendous positive feedback from clients in our recent collaboration at Cyber Icon Chile. The trust among our teams and mutual benefits of our alliance further enhances the client experience and accelerates time to value,” Diaz added.

“Enterprise clients continue to demand simpler ways to mitigate ransomware, get visibility into their network, and remain compliant,” said Mani Sundaram, EVP and GM of the Security Technology Group at Akamai.

“Deloitte’s deep technical expertise and white-glove service offerings are the perfect match for Akamai Guardicore Segmentation. This alliance gives clients a route to fulfill their zero trust requirements with less time, overhead, and complexity,” Sundaram continued.

Leading client use cases for the solution include east-west traffic control implementation, gaining network visibility, isolating environments, cloud migration, incident response, and more. Deloitte’s teams around the world are fully certified to deploy and manage this technology to help enterprises ensure a zero trust posture, and have been a trusted ally in helping clients recover from challenging network breaches.

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