SnapAttack extends collaboration with Mandiant to optimize threat detection for organizations

SnapAttack announced an expanded partnership with Mandiant, part of Google Cloud, to extend operationalized threat intelligence to organizations of all sizes.

Building on its current API integrations, the new endeavor will bring Mandiant’s threat intelligence to customers directly in the SnapAttack platform; ultimately helping customers prioritize, detect, and respond to threats more quickly, easily, and effectively.

SnapAttack’s newly introduced “Threat Profiles” automatically generate a tailored threat profile for each customer organization by leveraging key information from Mandiant Threat Intelligence in a customer’s unique operational environment. Threat Profiles, powered by Mandiant Threat Intelligence, eliminate the contextualization and actionability challenges that restrict threat intelligence programs, empowering organizations to prioritize the threats that matter most to them.

SnapAttack leverages machine learning to analyze an organization’s ability to detect threats outlined in their custom Threat Profiles. The platform then generates recommendations for the most effective threat detection strategies, bridging the often vague gap between threat intelligence and practical action.

This operationalized threat intelligence is delivered to the customer in the form of pre-curated hunt queries and alerting rules designed to operate in over 30 threat detection platforms, including Google Chronicle. Users gain prioritized threat hunts, expanded coverage of the MITRE ATT&CK framework, and reduced false positive alerts, making it easier for organizations to detect and respond to their most relevant threats.

“SnapAttack is proud to announce our deepened collaboration with Mandiant, which allows us to optimize threat detection and hunting for our users by providing them with the world’s best threat intelligence,” said Peter Prizio, CEO of SnapAttack.

“This partnership aligns perfectly with our mission of empowering organizations to proactively protect their digital landscapes. Through the creation of custom Threat Profiles powered by Mandiant, SnapAttack enables our customers to focus their threat detection efforts precisely where it matters most, leading to more efficient threat hunts, broader coverage of the MITRE ATT&CK framework, and faster threat detection,” added Prizio.

“Mandiant remains a critical component of every enterprise’s digital transformation strategy,” said Melissa K. Smith, Head of Strategy & Technology Partnerships for Google Cloud. “Utilizing Mandiant frontline intelligence, SnapAttack will deliver new capabilities that can improve how businesses operate and create real-world value for their organizations.”

This partnership represents a significant step forward in democratizing and revolutionizing threat detection, reinforcing the commitment of SnapAttack to provide advanced, pragmatic solutions, and protection for organizations across public and private sectors. The furthered collaboration and expanded use cases, aim to empower organizations to tackle the ever-evolving threat landscape with confidence and precision.

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