D2iQ DKP Insights identifies security issues in Kubernetes clusters

D2iQ released DKP Insights, an automated troubleshooting and diagnostic tool.

DKP Insights, along with the newly released DKP AI Navigator, enables enterprise organizations to manage Kubernetes with ease and overcome the industry-wide skills gap that has presented the biggest barrier to Kubernetes deployment success, particularly in production environments.

Available as an add-on application to the D2iQ Kubernetes Platform (DKP), Insights constantly monitors Kubernetes clusters, identifying performance problems and security issues. It then sends alerts and recommends solutions based on AI and heuristics derived from the D2iQ team’s more than 10 years of experience and expertise in managing large container-based deployments.

“Survey after survey shows that the skills gap is the greatest challenge organizations face in deploying and managing Kubernetes,” said D2iQ CEO Tobi Knaup. “The combination of DKP Insights and DKP AI Navigator provides organizations with a unique and powerful set of Kubernetes management tools that enable them to become more agile to meet customer experience demands and operational requirements as they undergo digital transformation and modernization.”

A Kubernetes expert by your side, always

DKP Insights is like having a Kubernetes expert by your side to prevent, identify, and help correct problems. This automated troubleshooting capability reduces labor and costs by minimizing help desk activities, preventing problems through early detection, and providing speedier resolution to problems.

Insights scans for vulnerabilities, detects performance and availability issues like out-of-memory errors, disk-full errors, crashlooping pods, and runs checks for certificate expiration, deprecated APIs, and outdated components. Early warning alerts enable admins to address issues before they become critical and to prevent downtime.

DKP Insights also helps identify potential security issues and enforces observance of industry best practices through integration of open-source projects like Trivy, Polaris, Kube-bench, and Pluto. Insights differs from other troubleshooting tools by leveraging a richer knowledge base. It also comes fully installed and integrated in DKP, in contrast with third-party apps that require installation and integration.

DKP Insights brings the power of a decade plus of experience with container-based applications and Kubernetes directly to customers. In addition, D2iQ’s support team remains an easy-to-access resource to troubleshoot those more unique or complex challenges.

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