Network Perception integrates technology with Claroty to boost OT cybersecurity for organizations

Network Perception announced a technology integration with Claroty to provide OT network auditors with a comprehensive, independent audit platform to track and verify system changes and enhance network visibility.

The combined technology enables auditors to establish an accurate baseline view of network architecture and cybersecurity posture. This information can then be used to set up continuous monitoring that enables immediate response and adaptation to disruptions.

Network assessment automation is fundamental to cyber resiliency best practices, enabling security and audit teams to transition from point-in-time spot-checking to real-time verification.

“While performing regular reviews of compliance metrics is important, accessing that data and analyzing it can be time-consuming, tedious, and limited depending on where you are looking,” said Robin Berthier, CEO of Network Perception. “As cybersecurity risks grow, reviews need to become more comprehensive and frequent and need to be managed in a way that will not overburden security and audit teams. Integrating technology with Claroty makes this critical assessment possible at a glance.”

“The exponential growth of unmanaged OT and XIoT network assets has made critical infrastructure more vulnerable to external threats,” said Stephan Goldberg, VP of Business Development at Claroty. “Our integration with Network Perception empowers customers to quickly discover and protect their XIoT assets, detect and respond to the earliest indicators of threats, and seamlessly extend their existing enterprise security and risk infrastructure and programs to harden their industrial networks.”

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