NodeSource launches N|Solid Copilot to streamline app development

NodeSource has launched the N|Solid Copilot, an AI assistant integrated into the Console of N|Solid Pro. Leveraging the N|Solid Pro platform to capture the telemetry for applications and paired with the company’s Node.js experts and OpenAI, the N|Solid Copilot creates an entirely new way to empower teams to build and maintain software solutions.

The N|Solid Copilot is context-aware of an application’s metrics and can be set up in real-time to help analyze issues and identify solutions. It can provide recommendations to enhance application performance and security. The Copilot is an expert partner for users, guiding them on how to leverage the data generated from their applications.

“Having the ability to quickly diagnose and fix issues within Node.js applications is critical to maintaining a good user experience for customers,” said Robert Duffy, CPO and CTO of Drizly, an Uber company. “In the near future, every software development team will be transformed by AI-powered tools like N|Solid Pro, ensuring the uptime of their applications and providing a more consistent experience for their users.”

Capabilities of the N|Solid Copilot include:

  • Real-time analysis and insights: identify and resolve performance bottlenecks, memory leaks, and other critical issues. Analyze metrics like CPU usage, event loop utilization, and more.
  • Anomaly detection and remediation: Utilizing the platform and NodeSource’s ML algorithms, the Copilot can detect anomalous application performance or security behavior and identify solutions.
  • Security vulnerability identification and resolution: N|Solid Pro continuously scans for security vulnerabilities within the application code and 3rd party dependencies. Users can ask the Copilot about recommendations and solutions.
  • Code optimization suggestions: Given its training in Node.js, the AI can offer suggestions to optimize code for better performance and efficiency. These suggestions include advice on asynchronous programming patterns, memory management, or using specific Node.js features.
  • Interactive querying: N|Solid Copilot uses a conversational interface to inspect specific application metrics or discuss performance and security exposure in general or about a specific application.
  • Positive Feedback Loops: Users can conversationally learn how to better leverage N|Solid and incorporate Node.js best practices, resulting in more and better data in their models and consoles.

“Not having the right data can materially impact the amount of time spent diagnosing and fixing any issue within an application. Combining the power of our trained GenAI model with application-specific data from live production apps will transform the process and save organizations significantly,” said Russ Whitman, CEO of NodeSource.

“Built on the foundation of our Open Source Node.js Runtime, NSolid Pro provides the best observability data for application performance and security in the market, further increasing the speed with which developers can fix their applications,” Whitman concluded.

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