1Kosmos enables identity proofing from the web without downloading a mobile app

1Kosmos announced the 1Kosmos BlockID platform now enables organizations to seamlessly extend web-based identity proofing sessions to a user’s mobile device for scanning government issued documents.

This new capability does not require a mobile application, and creates a frictionless web user journey by eliminating the need for a separate application to capture identity documents and meet identity assurance level (IAL) requirements. Unique to 1Kosmos is the use of a privacy by design architecture where personal information is accessible only upon user consent.

To enable fast and easy identity proofing from the web, without downloading a mobile application, 1Kosmos BlockID connects a browser to a session accessing the camera on a user’s mobile device for document verification. It also validates the authenticity of government identity documents with issuing authorities and triangulates personal data from driver’s licenses, passports, national IDs, and more.

In addition, 1Kosmos BlockID challenges the user to take a live selfie to ensure they are a real person and matches their selfie with the images scanned from the documents.

“Traditional identity verification journeys performed on the web require users to install a mobile app for scanning government issued documents,” said Huzefa Olia, COO for 1Kosmos. “For organizations that prefer an app-less experience, 1Kosmos BlockID eliminates the need for a dedicated app, while providing the flexibility to embed and customize document-based identity proofing across different platforms and end user journeys to suit their identity assurance and security requirements.”

Cross platform identity proofing

Like the 1Kosmos mobile app, the new app-less web based identity verification capabilities enable users to capture high quality images of government issued documents through mobile devices. 1Kosmos BlockID provides the following capabilities and benefits for implementing identity verification journeys across platforms:

  • Creates separate “verification sessions” for identity proofing with any type of document including driver’s license, passport, National ID and more
  • Provides a standalone web client that can extract identity data and validate the authenticity of the document template
  • Offers an interface to define risk thresholds for decisioning on liveness, selfie match, etc.
  • Supports integration with third party providers to validate authenticity of documents and data
  • Enables administrators to review the result from the extraction of documents and data along with a recommendation from 1Kosmos on the status of verification (i.e., Pass or Fail)
  • Enables organizations to build custom user verification journeys via the 1Kosmos control plane
  • Provides pre-deployment testing via proofing URLs
  • Includes built-in support for internationalization
  • Meets W3C Web Content Accessibility Guidelines


The unified web and mobile identity verification capabilities are available immediately in the 1Kosmos BlockID platform.

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