GuidePoint Security announces Compliance Management as a Service

GuidePoint Security launched Compliance Management as a Service, which will help organizations stay on top of required activities and maintain the necessary data to support future compliance assessments.

“While organizations may work intensely to meet certain compliance standards, they are only compliant at that point in time. Over the course of a year, organizations may face staff turnover, changing requirements and misunderstandings that can cause compliance drift, making it challenging to ensure compliance for when that next audit comes around,” said Dan Mengel, Compliance Practice Director, GuidePoint Security.

“Our expert practitioners have the knowledge and experience to fully support an organization’s compliance program and help ensure they remain continuously compliant between assessments, enabling peace of mind and reducing organizational risk,” added Mengel.

GuidePoint Security’s Compliance Management as a Service is designed to provide support and help organizations maintain compliance with multiple cybersecurity standards such as the PCI DSS, NIST SP 800-53 and 800-171, and more. Regardless of the compliance standards an organization must address, GuidePoint’s team of experts will be focused on ensuring compliance is maintained over time.

Key Benefits of Compliance Management as a Service:

  • Proactive evidence collection
  • Proactive notification of upcoming compliance deadlines/deliverables
  • Early identification of potential deficiencies
  • Reduced risk of non-compliance
  • Real-time visibility into compliance task completion status

To help an organization ensure continuous compliance, GuidePoint’s highly-certified practitioners will help identify and track the key processes, dates, and activities that are necessary to maintain the relevant compliance standards. Next, we will track, collect, archive, and validate evidence of required periodic activities to maintain compliance and notify an organization of any issues or upcoming deadlines.

Finally, the team will support an organization and answer questions or clarify issues that may arise through the compliance maintenance process. The outcome of this process is that organizations can effectively and efficiently ensure compliance standards are kept up and are ready for that next audit.

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