Mosint: Open-source automated email OSINT tool

Mosint is an automated email OSINT tool written in Go designed to facilitate quick and efficient investigations of target emails. It integrates multiple services, providing security researchers with rapid access to a broad range of information.


“In my previous job, I actively worked on application and offensive security subjects. In the security tests, we were looking for leaked e-mail addresses. So, I developed Mosint to automate and accelerate these tests. The most important feature distinguishing Mosint from other tools is its speed and integration. It pulls data asynchronously from multiple services and is simple to use,” Alp Keskin, the creator of Mosint, told Help Net Security.

Mosint features

  • Fast and simple email-based scanning
  • Optimized for ease of use and lightweight on resources
  • Email verification and validation
  • Checking Social Media Accounts
  • Checking data breaches and password leaks
  • Finding related emails and domains
  • Scanning pastebin dumps
  • Google Search
  • DNS/IP Lookup
  • Output to JSON file

“In the future, I will integrate more services into Mosint and think of creating an API service called Mosint API,” Keskin concluded.

Mosint is available as a free download on GitHub.

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