Securiti collaborates with Databricks to enable the safe use of data and generative AI

Securiti announced its strategic partnership with Databricks. This new partnership will enhance the way enterprises manage their data and AI across all data systems, addressing the growing need for contextual data intelligence and a data command center that consolidates governance, security, privacy, and compliance.

“Our partners play a pivotal role in unlocking new use cases that drive more value for our customers. Partnering with Databricks allows access to solutions that deliver full data context and automated workflows,” said Jocelyn Houle, Senior Director of Product Management at Securiti.

“The integration with our Data Command Center is a significant step towards an even more intelligent and controlled data ecosystem. We are empowering organizations to take data governance and security into their own hands with a common source of truth for contextual data intelligence,” aded Houle.

In today’s data-driven world, organizations rely on numerous critical systems, including Databricks, to harness the power of their data. Databricks is a cornerstone system for many organizations, and this integration provides a single view of the enterprise’s data needs through the Data Command Center.

Both companies offer comprehensive visibility and alignment across hybrid and multicloud environments, helping organizations discover, classify, and protect sensitive data, ultimately ensuring that data is used in a compliant and ethical manner.

“Our partnership with Securiti represents a significant milestone in data intelligence and governance. Partnering with Securiti will empower enterprises to leverage the full potential of Databricks within their entire data ecosystem while maintaining a high level of security and compliance,” said Ariel Amster, Director of Strategic Technology Partners at Databricks. “We are excited to provide our customers with a comprehensive solution that establishes a benchmark for data control, privacy, and compliance.”

Through the partnership, organizations will have access to features that include:

Data and AI training data protection: Securiti’s Data Command Center and Databricks’ Unity Catalog work together to deliver data encryption and masking capabilities that can be used to secure data, including AI training data at rest and in motion, effectively shielding sensitive data from unauthorized access.

Access intelligence and governance: Securiti’s feature allows customers to investigate and control data access both at a granular level in Databricks using Unity Catalog and across all data environments, ensuring data is used securely.

Data discovery and classification: By joining forces, Securiti and Databricks offer a single source of truth to pinpoint sensitive data within Databricks. Through the Data Command Center, organizations obtain comprehensive visibility and data intelligence across their entire hybrid and multicloud environment.

Backward and forward compatibility: Organizations can use these Securiti features now as well as while in the process of adopting Databricks Unity Catalog.

Different functions within organizations require data intelligence and controls tailored to their specific use cases. This integration addresses the challenges of data visibility, slow innovation, and over privileged access to deliver a unified approach to data management and security. Securiti and Databricks allow data producers and consumers across the organization to work with trusted data for experiments, model training, and data products, while ensuring the consistency and reliability of data controls.

Securiti’s Data Command Center provides a centralized platform that enables the safe use of data and generative AI.

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