Varonis enhances DSPM capabilities with Azure and AWS support

Varonis Systems has expanded capabilities for cloud databases and object storage in AWS and Azure. This release accelerates customers’ data security posture management (DSPM) initiatives with deeper risk visibility, advanced threat detection, and automated remediation for multi-cloud environments.

Varonis enhances DSPM capabilities

Varonis’ cloud-native platform gives customers holistic data security across their entire data estate: SaaS apps, email, hybrid file storage, databases, and beyond. The latest enhancements to Varonis’ IaaS coverage help customers continuously discover regulated data, remediate misconfigurations and excessive access, and stop attacks on data in services such as Azure Blob and AWS S3, RDS, and unmanaged databases in EC2.

Cloud service providers (CSPs) host a wide array of mission-critical data such as medical documents, military defense information, and unstructured datasets for training large language models (LLMs). Misconfigured or overly permissive cloud data stores have been the source of countless data breaches, exposing sensitive information to the internet and providing footholds for attackers.

“Organizations benefit greatly from the flexibility and speed IaaS gives developers, but CISOs require total visibility and control over their infrastructure and — more importantly — the data within,” said Brian Vecci, Varonis Field CTO.

“Varonis lets DevOps teams move fast while giving security teams the ability to control sensitive data, ensure that it’s not exposed, and take immediate action when suspicious activity or compliance violations occur,” Vecci continued.

Customers trust Varonis to deliver comprehensive data security across their Azure and AWS cloud ecosystems. As a Microsoft Solutions Partner and AWS Independent Software Vendor, Varonis adds a critical layer of security and automation that helps organizations maximize their cloud investments.

Varonis is available on the Azure Marketplace and AWS Marketplace, the online markets for buying and selling cloud solutions certified to run on Azure and AWS.

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