HireRight Global ID enables employers to remotely verify their candidates’ identity documents

HireRight launched its new global identity verification solution, Global ID.

With identity theft and fraud on the rise—and many employees being onboarded and working remotely—it is arguably more important than ever to verify candidates’ identities. HireRight’s new digital Global ID service makes it simple and easy for HireRight customers and their candidates worldwide to verify the authenticity of their candidates’ identity documents.

HireRight’s Global ID service includes the ability to verify a candidate’s identity in addition to their identity document through Global ID’s optional digital Liveness and Biometric Face Match feature. This allows the identity verification process to be conducted entirely remotely by the candidate, without them needing to present their ID in person to their prospective employer.

“With many businesses continuing to hire remote workers in locations where their company has no physical presence, in-person ID verification can be time consuming and inconvenient for their candidates,” said Jim Daxner, Global Head of Product at HireRight.

“HireRight’s Global ID digital identity document verification workflow with optional digital Liveness and Biometric Face Match feature streamlines the ID verification process, helping organizations to validate their candidates’ identities quickly and efficiently around the world,” added Daxner.

Global ID is available in over 200 countries and supports all international passports, as well as many national identity documents. This service, powered by Yoti, can be quickly completed online using a mobile device or computer and offers near-instant results, including verification of the candidate’s identity if that option is selected.

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