NuHarbor Security partners with Zscaler to protect distributed workforces

NuHarbor Security has partnered with Zscaler to deliver a new level of cybersecurity capability and business value based on the proven effectiveness of the largest security cloud on the planet.

Combining NuHarbor’s nationally recognized leadership and security insight with Zscaler’s Zero Trust Exchange, clients now can leverage Zscaler’s advanced technology with the simplicity and tailored services of NuHarbor’s team of experts.

The increased prevalence of remote work has changed the nature of both business and computing. Industry leaders and federal regulators have begun to focus on the need for a Zero Trust model to ensure continuing security and auditability in this new, distributed, workplace. Zscaler has established itself as the dominant player enabling this new level of security and is a 10-time Gartner Magic Quadrant winner.

“Our team deploys Zscaler products quickly, efficiently, and comprehensively, with a security lens always at the forefront. Using Zscaler’s features like Data Loss Protection (DLP) and malicious connection blocking, our team highlights and resolves alerts quickly, presenting Zscaler’s findings and NuHarbor’s remediation recommendations in a way that all stakeholders understand,” said Justin Fimlaid, CEO of NuHarbor Security.

”Organizations need this level of information because the way we work has evolved and customers have turned to Zscaler’s zero trust architecture to protect distributed workforces. This new service allows us to accelerate and ensure customers’ return on Zscaler investments,” added Fimlaid.

For security leaders using Zscaler Internet Access (ZIA), Zscaler Private Access (ZPA), or Zscaler Client Connector (ZCC), NuHarbor can support at any stage of use via:

  • Deployment services: Maximize the value of Zscaler from day one with a rapid deployment tailored to your security needs.
  • Health checks: Optimize and ensure Zscaler effectiveness with the right security settings to maximize visibility and protection.
  • Support services: Rely on NuHarbor to implement, monitor, and optimize Zscaler operations, expanding your awareness of vulnerabilities and delivering comprehensive mitigation recommendations.

“NuHarbor has become an integral partner for Zscaler and our joint customers,” said Sean McCann, Regional VP of U.S. SLED at Zscaler. “The team knows our technology inside and out, which enables NuHarbor to provide unmatched service quality and gives customers a true force multiplier for their Zscaler investment.”

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