ShardSecure partners with Wasabi Technologies to help customers enhance data security

ShardSecure has forged a new partnership with Wasabi Technologies. Through this collaboration, the companies aim to deliver highly secure, resilient, and cost-effective data storage solutions to enterprise organizations.

ShardSecure’s comprehensive platform offers advanced data privacy, agentless file-level protection, cloud ransomware mitigation, protection for AI/ML models and training data, resilient data storage with high availability and self-healing capabilities, support for cross-border regulatory compliance (including the GDPR), and unified, multi-protocol functionality across multiple clouds.

Meanwhile, Wasabi cloud storage offers infinitely scalable capacity with exceptional cost savings, making it easier to store all critical data for as long as necessary. The partnership will combine the two solutions to offer customers a secure and cost-effective option for storing their data, including in hybrid-cloud architectures.

Julian Weinberger, Field CTO at ShardSecure, highlighted the benefits of the ShardSecure and Wasabi partnership, stating, “The combined solution from ShardSecure and Wasabi provides an exceptionally secure cloud storage option, preventing data theft, leaks, and unauthorized access, while simultaneously enhancing the reliability and durability of stored data. By integrating our platforms, enterprises can confidently store their data in the cloud without the fear of loss, theft, malicious encryption, or ransom demands.”

As organizations increasingly rely on cloud services to support critical operations, the partnership between ShardSecure and Wasabi Technologies also offers enterprise organizations a way to mitigate the risks posed by both internal and external threats, including ransomware. The collaboration will provide exceptional data protection and peace of mind to organizations across various industries.

“We’re thrilled to work with ShardSecure to further help customers enhance data security, mitigate the threat of ransomware and data theft, and reduce cloud storage costs at the same time,” said Laurie Mitchell, SVP Global Marketing at Wasabi. “By joining forces, Wasabi and ShardSecure are empowering enterprise organizations with affordable and highly secure data storage capabilities. Together, our technology will help customers tackle the complex challenges of successful cloud adoption.”

“We’re very excited to be announcing this partnership,” added Bob Lam, CEO of ShardSecure. “Wasabi, with ShardSecure, changes the game for secure cloud storage. Companies that are looking for scalability, security, and cost savings have found the ideal combination here.”

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