WALLIX One helps mitigate risks associated with theft and identity compromise

WALLIX extends its suite of identity and digital access management software via its SaaS platform, WALLIX One.

This platform includes essential services designated to safeguard the digital operations of companies.

With WALLIX One, employees, external service providers, IT administrators, PLC maintainers, machines, and robots can access IT or OT infrastructures, equipment, applications, and data only after their identity and granted permissions undergo verification.

By outsourcing the management of their identity and access security software to WALLIX One, IT security managers retain control over access to critical company resources. This approach helps mitigate risks associated with theft and identity compromise, allowing them to concentrate on implementing and enforcing their security policies.

With the rising cost of raw materials and the shortage of cybersecurity talent, business decision-makers are seeking solutions that are not only effective and efficient but also easily deployable with a swift return on investment. WALLIX One stands out by offering identity and access security, featuring automatic updates, the ability to leverage WALLIX innovations, and the latest features and security patches.

Its project evolution is seamlessly tailored to the evolving needs and uses, allowing flexibility in adding resources or users, an annual subscription with straightforward pricing and billing, global service availability, and the consumption of various complementary services from the WALLIX software range.

WALLIX One serves as the cybersecurity platform that efficiently operationalizes a zero-trust architecture, guaranteeing compliance with current regulations for companies of all sizes.

The services offered within WALLIX One include:

WALLIX One-IDaaS: Fosters team mobility and remote work, enabling employees to connect to business applications from any location. With Single Sign-On (SSO), there’s no need to remember multiple passwords; one is sufficient to access the business environment through a web console. This not only streamlines the user experience but also allows IT teams to focus on their core tasks instead of dealing with password-related tickets. Additionally, the Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) ensures that individuals accessing applications are indeed who they claim to be, enhancing security.

WALLIX One-RA (remote access): Geared towards organizations across various sectors, especially in the industry, aiming to simplify digital access for external providers to their IT infrastructure or industrial equipment. This remote access management service enables business teams to swiftly grant access to external service providers, specifying a set time frame. Once tasks are completed, these external accesses are automatically revoked, ensuring continuous monitoring for complete visibility and end-to-end security throughout the process.

All WALLIX PAM functionalities are also available in SaaS:

WALLIX One-PAM: To mitigate risks associated with privileged accounts, verifying the identity of users (whether individuals or machines) with extensive privileges is crucial. This involves secure password management and traceability of activities across all sessions. By monitoring and restricting privileged accounts based on the principle of least privilege and providing temporary (Just-In-Time) access to authorized users, the PAM solution helps minimize the risk of malicious or unauthorized use of these accounts, reinforcing data protection against internal and external threats. The in-depth audit function aids incident analysis, offering a comprehensive and controlled view of network activity and bolstering defense against advanced threats.

WALLIX One-PAM stands out for its unique pricing model, allowing companies to rapidly scale their projects while maintaining cost control. The annual subscription-based pricing model offers the expected flexibility (Pay-As-You-Grow) for all companies seeking to optimize their budgetary resources amid a complex economic and geopolitical context.

With WALLIX One-PAM companies gain access to the leading Privileged Access Management (PAM) solution in the market. This technology, deemed indispensable by renowned analysts such as Gartner and KuppingerCole, empowers organizations to regain control of access and proactively prevent cyberattacks.

“The transition of our offering to the SaaS model was a declared priority for innovation this year, aligning with the evolving needs of organizations and the shifting landscape of IT investment demands. We conceptualized WALLIX One as a centralized SaaS platform, providing agile and streamlined management of all digital access and identities handled by our customers’ IT departments. Often perceived as a significant investment with expensive implementations, identity and access management required a fresh approach. We aimed to center our model around return on investment, striking the right balance between innovative usability and operational cost-effectiveness. At WALLIX, we firmly believe that the expertise of our cybersecurity engineers and the innovation embedded in our software should consistently enhance the lives of our customers in an increasingly digital future. With this vision in mind, we are introducing WALLIX One,” explains Jean-Noël de Galzain, CEO of WALLIX.

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