Wiz and Apiiro partner to provide context-driven security from code to cloud

Apiiro, a leading application security posture management (ASPM) solution, today announced its partnership with Wiz, the leading cloud security company and Cloud Native Application Protection Platform (CNAPP) provider. By joining Wiz Integrations (WIN), Apiiro brings the power of deep ASPM to the partner ecosystem, providing unified and contextual code-to-cloud application security.

In this Help Net Security video interview, John Leon, VP of Ecosystems & Partnerships at Apiiro, discusses how the partnership and technical integration enables Wiz and Apiiro to share prioritized security findings with context, including inventory, vulnerabilities, issues, and configuration findings.

With this integration, Apiiro will now ingest Wiz open-source security findings and cluster data for correlation, prioritization, and remediation, enabling mutual customers to:

  • Connect Apiiro’s deep code context and Wiz’s production environment and vulnerability insights for improved prioritization based on likelihood—is a vulnerability internet-facing or deployed—and impact—is the vulnerability connected to sensitive data or in a high business impact application.
  • Tie production open source vulnerabilities in Wiz to their root cause in code and associated code owner to improve remediation cycle loops and fix critical risks at the source faster.
  • Enrich application security findings in code with runtime context—such as whether it is internet-facing or deployed—for risk-based prioritization to help save time triaging backlogs.
  • Get a unified view of application security risks within Apiiro for comprehensive and continuous risk visibility, assessment, and prioritization.
  • Leverage code-to-cloud context when implementing developer guardrails to prevent critical business risks from being released to the cloud—without slowing developers down with false positives.

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