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Security tools fail to translate risks for executives

Organizations are struggling with internal communication barriers, which hinder their ability to address cybersecurity threats, according to Dynatrace. The results indicate …

A closer look at Apiiro’s SHINE partner program

In this Help Net Security video, Adam LaGreca, Founder of 10KMedia, sat down with John Leon, VP of Partnerships at Apiiro, discusses the company’s new technology partner …

The next wave of mobile threats

According to McAfee, apps, whether for communication, productivity, or gaming, are among the biggest threats to mobile security. Technavio expects the global mobile security …

Stopping security breaches by managing AppSec posture

Many security vulnerabilities result from human error, and the majority of these are reflected in the application layer. These errors may occur at any stage in the software …

6 keys to navigating security and app development team tensions

There will always be a natural tension between cybersecurity teams and developers. After all, it’s the developer’s role to “develop.” They want and are …

Drozer: Open-source Android security assessment framework

Drozer is an open-source security testing framework for Android, whose primary purpose is to make the life of mobile application security testers easier. Drozer features The …

software bug
Organizations are knowingly releasing vulnerable applications

92% of companies had experienced a breach in the prior year due to vulnerabilities of applications developed in-house, according to Checkmarx. AppSec managers and developers …

How threat actors abuse OAuth apps

OAuth apps have become prominent in several attack groups’ TTPs in recent years. OAuth apps are used for every part of the attack process. In this Help Net Security …

Unlocking sustainable security practices with secure coding education

Despite stringent regulations and calls for ‘security by design’, organizations are still failing to equip teams with the knowledge to secure code, according to Security …

Top 2024 AppSec predictions

In this Help Net Security video, Shahar Man, CEO of Backslash Security, offers his top three AppSec predictions for 2024, uncovering future trends.

The dynamic relationship between AI and application development

In this Help Net Security video, Greg Ellis, General Manager, Application Security, at, discusses how artificial intelligence is revolutionizing the way …

Apiiro Wiz
Wiz and Apiiro partner to provide context-driven security from code to cloud

Apiiro, a leading application security posture management (ASPM) solution, today announced its partnership with Wiz, the leading cloud security company and Cloud Native …

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