Product showcase: Apiiro unifies AppSec and SSCS in a deep ASPM

With the rapidly evolving threat landscape and complexity of interconnected applications, identifying real, business-critical application risks is more challenging than ever. Application security teams need a better solution than their current siloed tools and ad hoc processes can provide.

Application security testing (AST) and software supply chain security (SSCS) tools have solved the vulnerability detection problem, but lack the broader business and application context. This makes it challenging for security teams to maintain holistic visibility into their application security posture and to accurately distinguish between high business-critical risks, false positives, and everything in between.

To transform that fractured approach, application security posture management (ASPM) is the perfect solution, providing teams with a single platform to:

1. Bring security signals together to correlate and prioritize them by risk.
2. Take action on those risks with automated workflows and policies.

However, not all ASPMs are created equal.

Apiiro: Deep ASPM

Apiiro goes beyond the basics, using native code-to-runtime context to unify risk visibility, assessment, prioritization, and governance across applications and software supply chains. Our holistic approach empowers application security teams to spend less time triaging, fix risks faster, and strengthen their application security posture.

Deep code analysis and runtime context

The foundation of a deep ASPM is a comprehensive inventory. To provide that foundation, Apiiro continuously ingests, analyzes, and contextualizes data from ticketing systems, code repositories, CI/CD pipelines, API gateways, Kubernetes clusters, and more. With those data sources, Apiiro builds an eXtended software bill of materials (XBOM) of your applications and software supply chains that is continuously up to date, includes historical changes, connections across components, and even risks. This deep, continuous inventory provides the visibility and context you need to deeply understand, accurately prioritize, and efficiently manage application risk.

apiiro aspm

Consistent and comprehensive visibility is the backbone of a strong AppSec program, enabling you to fully understand your application attack surface and dictate how to most efficiently allocate resources.

Open platform with native AppSec and SSCS

In addition to built-in integrations with third-party security tools, Apiiro also provides native application and software supply chain security (SSCS) solutions. Our solutions provide native risk detection for exposed secrets, API weaknesses in code, sensitive data exposure, open source vulnerabilities, license compliance issues, pipeline misconfigurations, and repository risks. With our simple SCM integration, you can get near-instant insight into existing risks, contextualized based on your unique application architecture and business.

apiiro aspm

Integrations and native risk insights ensure that no matter where you are on your AppSec journey, you have complete security testing coverage and correlation, ensuring no risks slip through the cracks.

Multidimensional prioritization based on likelihood and impact

Taking into account your application architecture, the nature of your business, and the exploitability or validity of a security finding, Apiiro prioritizes findings based on actual risk. Apiiro’s deep code analysis and runtime context surface insights that determine how likely and impactful a potential risk is. Those pieces of context, layered with external data from vulnerability databases like CISA KEV and EPSS, give us unparalleled prioritization accuracy.

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With multidimensional prioritization, you can remove false positives from your backlog, reduce noisy findings going forward, and focus on what matters most.

Risk-based control plane to automate remediations and processes

To streamline the remediation process, Apiiro provides actionable remediation guidance, correlates risks to their code owners, and has a built-in policy and workflow automation engine supported by a robust integration ecosystem. Integrating Apiiro with your ticketing systems like ServiceNow or Jira and your notification systems like Microsoft Teams and Slack enables you to trigger alerts for remediations or processes.

Apiiro integrates with developer tools and workflows to embed security guardrails for enforcing security best practices and governance policies.

apiiro aspm

By leveraging a risk-based approach, Apiiro ensures that pull requests and builds are only blocked when real, business-critical risks are detected, empowering you to balance development velocity and security.

Unified application and software supply chain risk assessment

Apiiro provides a single pane of glass for your application and software supply chain risks, so you have cohesive visibility into your security posture from a high-level down to the granular risks and commits. Coupled with key performance metrics and trend-based insights, you’re able to efficiently benchmark, measure, report, and most importantly, reduce risk.

apiiro aspm

These insights enable data-driven decisions on program priorities, strategy, and investment that will strengthen your security posture.

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