Argus vDome prevents cyber vehicle theft

Argus Cyber Security unveiled its Argus vDome product, an anti-theft solution focused on protecting vehicles from CAN injection attacks.

Argus vDome

Car theft is shifting from low-tech to high-tech. CAN injection attacks, for example, exploit vulnerabilities in a vehicle’s CAN bus to allow thieves to steal vehicles in under 30 seconds without physical break-in. Using ready-made hacking devices, available for purchase on the darknet, thieves can disable the immobilizer, unlock doors, start the engine and drive away with the vehicle.

Not only are CAN injection attacks causing anguish for car owners, they’re also a major problem for OEMs, fleet operators and insurance companies. Recurring CAN injection attacks against a particular model can result in reputation damage to the respective OEM and affect sales. Naturally, increased theft also has a substantial financial impact on insurance companies, which in turn raise their premiums for consumers and fleet operators.

Argus vDome is a patented, AI-powered lifetime protection solution that proactively detects and neutralizes malicious devices in under 200 microseconds. It identifies all ECUs on the CAN bus and creates a unique electrical signature for each ECU signal, which represents a distinct ‘fingerprint’ that cannot be faked.

When a hacker connects an unauthorized device to send commands to the CAN bus, Argus vDome instantly identifies the rogue device and blocks the attempt to steal the car in real time. Optional integration with a Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) system offers an additional layer of security.

Unlike most automotive cyber security technologies that are designed to be integrated in future vehicle models, Argus vDome is available as an aftermarket device for vehicle fleets, insurance companies and car owners. In addition, OEMs that want to offer CAN injection protection out-of-the-box to consumers, can integrate vDome at the factory in new vehicles.

“Argus vDome is a game-changer for the entire automotive supply chain, offering an innovative solution against cyber vehicle theft,” said Ronen Smoly, Argus CEO. “Designed for aftermarket installation in any vehicle from any OEM, Argus vDome addresses one of the biggest cyber-related business challenges our industry is currently facing.”

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