Kasada launches advanced bot defense platform with evolving protection and attack insights

Kasada launched its enhanced bot defense platform with always-evolving protection, tamper-proof data collection, and augmented data-driven attack insights.

Kasada bot defense platform

Traditional bot detection systems have not kept pace with evolving automated threats. They have been rendered ineffective at defending against modern bot attacks and online fraud including account takeover. In fact, of businesses using traditional bot management, only 19% retained their efficacy a year after deployment, resulting in annual revenue losses of more than 10%.

A primary reason for this is because legacy defenses are easily tricked by bots using fake data to prove they’re human, and because defenses don’t adapt as quickly as adversaries retool. Exploiting these vulnerabilities, there’s been a dramatic rise in inexpensive bots-as-a-service commercialized to bypass traditional anti-bot systems and CAPTCHAs.

“To win against adversaries you need an advantage,” said Jonathon Hope, Head of Product, Kasada. “Your detection system needs to pivot faster than your adversaries. So we’ve heavily invested in a system in which every layer and nearly every aspect of the defense changes easily and quickly. By using Kasada, customers gain the advantage to fend off the most sophisticated fraud and abuse.”

Kasada has extended its defense leadership with new layers of resilience within its cyber architecture to secure against the modern methods attackers use to evade detection. Its platform enhancements include:

Always-evolving protection:

  • Randomization of defenses across its architecture to make it arduous and expensive to attempt bypassing the solution, as defense is never the same.
  • Dynamic defense improvements that automatically change in seconds to outpace adversaries.
  • New ML anomaly detection to detect sophisticated actors that attempt to fake telemetry data.

Tamper-proof data collection:

  • System-wide data integrity checks that secure the integrity of client-side data collection by forcing attackers to run their code in real-time, on Kasada’s terms, which exposes their true nature.

Insight and ease-of-use:

  • Analytics for vital attack insights, including detailed classification, drilldown, filtering, and up to 12 months of data retention.
  • Seamless integrations with any CDN for quick deployment across a business’s entire online perimeter without requiring any customization or model training.

“The line between legal bot abuse and illegal online fraud has blurred and the barrier to entry for adversaries has lowered,” said Sam Crowther, founder and CEO of Kasada. “The result is that the most sophisticated bot attacks are now becoming commonplace for businesses of all sizes and industries. Our latest platform upgrade demonstrates our commitment to the ongoing innovation that’s necessary to stay ahead of dynamic adversaries, who are constantly collaborating and pivoting quickly.”

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