Stellar Cyber integrates with SentinelOne for enhanced cybersecurity across environments

Stellar Cyber unveiled its integration with SentinelOne to help organizations protect their on-premises, cloud, hybrid, and IT/OT environments by making use of the latest advancements in cybersecurity technologies.

Together, Stellar Cyber and SentinelOne deliver a security operations solution that automates the identification of advanced threats by correlating threat signals from various data sources, providing security analysts with the contextualized threat information they need to mitigate threats.

By combining SentinelOne and Stellar Cyber, customers can be fully automated, eliminating the ability for threat actors to take advantage of built-in delays and blind spots that exist in other security stacks. As a result, our mutual customers utilizing our integrated offering will reduce their risk of being breached.

“We are excited to announce our partnership with SentinelOne to deliver a unified turnkey security solution to our customers. Working with SentinelOne means we can help protect our mutual customers from breaches,” said Andrew Homer, VP, Strategic Alliances, Stellar Cyber.

Stellar Cyber and SentinelOne offer a variety of ways to incorporate detection and response actions. Once a threat is detected, Stellar Cyber in concert with SentinelOne, enables security analysts to take remediation actions against the threat directly from the Stellar Cyber UI, streamlining the entire process.

Key benefits of the SentinelOne and Stellar Cyber integration include:

  • Enhanced visibility: “line of sight” visibility across the entire attack surface from endpoints to the cloud and everywhere in between
  • Intelligent automation: From hands-free threat detection to automated investigation tools, a security team’s human expertise is paired with the automation
  • Easy management and deployment: The combined solution means security analysts of any expertise, from beginner to seasoned experts, can deliver consistent security outcomes

“We focus on partners that deliver value to our customer base, and Stellar Cyber checks that box,” said Akhil Kapoor, VP of Technology Partnerships, SentinelOne. “With the out-of-the-box integrations available from Stellar Cyber, our customers can supercharge their security operations without any heavy lifting.”

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