Industrial Defender Risk Signal integrates threat intelligence and business context

Industrial Defender introduced Industrial Defender Risk Signal, its new risk-based vulnerability management (RBVM) solution.

Building upon the company’s robust vulnerability assessment capabilities, Industrial Defender Risk Signal intelligently prioritizes vulnerability for highest impact, integrating threat intelligence and the user’s specific business context.

Industrial Defender’s RBVM solution enables a significant evolution in vulnerability management for industrial environments. With enriched insights into which vulnerabilities matter most to the user’s specific operations, security teams can use Industrial Defender Risk Signal to reduce vulnerability lists by more than 97%.

Integrating threat intelligence and contextual business information, operators can take decisive steps in addressing a more defined set of vulnerabilities that truly pose risk to the organization, based on OT asset purpose and context to the operations.

“Grasping the actual risk of a discovered vulnerability is especially important when managing OT,” said Jay Williams, CEO of Industrial Defender.

“Operators need precise insights into how vulnerabilities would actually impact their production and operations. Not only are they dealing with an increasingly overwhelming number of vulnerabilities, but they also need reliable information before deciding to patch or make any changes in these operational environments, out of concern for downtime or disruption. Our goal with Industrial Defender Risk Signal is to empower operators to take focused action on the vulnerabilities that pose a real risk to their operations,” added Williams.

This innovative solution filters through thousands of vulnerabilities, correlating traditional vulnerability severity scores (e.g. CVSS), external threat intelligence, and the business importance of assets (with respect to its purpose and context the organization) to calculate a weighted “Priority Score.” This score allows organizations to focus on prioritized and actionable remediation plan that will have the greatest influence on protecting operations.

The Priority Score is customizable and flexible to reflect each customer’s unique business needs and risk appetite, allowing users to decide what business and technical factors are most important to them.

Features and capabilities of Industrial Defender Risk Signal

  • Integrated threat intelligence: Integrates threat intelligence to automatically enrich the vulnerability and asset data.
  • Unique business considerations: Ability to define and factor in the importance business importance of assets (with respect to its purpose and context the organization).
  • Prioritized remediation plans: Achieves over 97% reduction in the number of identified vulnerabilities that represent a real risk.
  • Data consolidation: Automated data and feed aggregation, with vulnerability information from internal and external sources cleansed, enriched, and consolidated for use by various teams.
  • Customizable risk tolerance: Adaptable to different organizational risk tolerance levels.
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