Bluefin enhances ShieldConex with enterprise security proxy service

Bluefin launched a new ShieldConex capability providing token and/or EMV/P2PE based processing services to any payment processor, as well as protecting Personally Identifiable Information and Protected Health Information (PII/PHI) endpoints.

Bluefin ShieldConex

For enterprise merchants looking for a universal solution, the endpoint-agnostic upgrade to ShieldConex unlocks enormous value by minimizing the PCI and PII footprint while avoiding long-term processor lock in.

This patent pending capability from Bluefin will detokenize data in real-time and forward it to any processor for authorization. To address the needs of retailers, this solution was also enhanced to process PCI/P2PE protected EMV payments. Enterprise/Tier-1 retailers now have a processor independent solution for tokenization and P2PE protected EMV payments that can be delivered to their processor of choice.

This update enhances ShieldConex’s existing tokenization and data anonymization service by adding secure proxy capabilities to any endpoint for card-present and card-not-present processing. Additionally, proxy services for PII and PHI data are also supported by this new service. These new updates deliver the framework so merchants, and their partners, are not required to have PCI, PII, or PHI data on their networks or systems.

“Tier 1 merchants often have multi-processor strategies to achieve payment flexibility, redundancy, and independence,” said Tim Barnett, Bluefin’s Chief Information Officer. “Avoiding processor lock-in is now a requirement for most large organizations. By combining universal tokenization with our existing ShieldConex and Decryptx solutions, Bluefin is uniquely positioned to solve the complex payment and data security needs of tier 1 merchants.”

Solution features include:

  • Realtime tokenization and detokenization of data to processor endpoint
  • Realtime P2PE decryption of PCI cardholder data to processor endpoint
  • Generation of format preserving tokens from EMV/P2PE transactions
  • Token sharing with partners and affiliates
  • Ability for merchants to switch between processors without re-keying terminals

ShieldConex is part of Bluefin’s payment and data security suite of solutions that protects payment, PII and PHI data throughout the entire customer journey.

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