Behavox Intelligent Archive simplifies operations for the unified tech stack

Behavox launched the Behavox Intelligent Archive. This new offering is WORM (Write Once, Read Many) compliant and seamlessly integrates with the Behavox surveillance product.

Developed in partnership with Google Cloud, the Behavox Intelligent Archive offers security, scalability, and access to cutting-edge technologies. It stands out as the first archive solution on the market that enables searching across the entire archive in mere seconds.

The addition of generative AI (genAI) to the Behavox Intelligent Archive marks a significant innovation. For the first time, customers can extract valuable business insights from their unstructured data using genAI. The Behavox Intelligent Archive not only fully understands the customer’s data but also provides a conversational interface for interacting with all unstructured communication data. It is more than a regulatory archive; it is a modern data lake, designed with and for AI, enabling organizations to leverage their own data for a competitive edge.

To further bolster its AI capabilities, the Behavox Intelligent Archive integrates effortlessly with Google Cloud Vertex AI. This integration allows customers to utilize their data to build and deploy AI models using Google Cloud’s robust infrastructure.

The Behavox Intelligent Archive supports the most extensive range of data adapters in the market, including voice and text messages. This is particularly significant as regulatory focus on these data types intensifies globally.

The CEO of Behavox expressed pride in this development, stating, “This is a proud moment for Behavox. We are significantly upgrading our archiving capabilities. Instead of resting on our laurels, we are relentlessly and fearlessly pursuing improvements.”

Tim Yap, Vice President at SoftBank Vision Fund, added, “Data is key in the age of AI. With the Behavox Intelligent Archive, organizations can finally leverage their most valuable data for a competitive advantage.”

All Behavox Quantum customers will receive the Behavox Intelligent Archive as part of their license, with a complimentary 90-day retention period.

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