Skopenow Grid detects the earliest signals of critical risks

Skopenow launched Grid, its new 360-degree situational awareness solution.

Skopenow Grid

Grid equips security, intelligence, and investigative teams worldwide with enhanced proactive threat intelligence capabilities, enabling real-time detection of risks to people, assets, and operations.

In a global landscape marked by uncertainty, from geopolitical tensions and economic volatility to extreme climate events, Grid’s advanced AI-driven insights and vast data integrations provide an unmatched level of clarity and foresight.

“With the addition of Grid, Skopenow’s 1,500+ customers across the public and private sectors now have access to a unified, comprehensive open-source intelligence platform,” said Rob Douglas, CEO at Skopenow. “Grid embodies our commitment to proactive, intelligent threat and fraud detection. This is not just about quickly detecting risks; it’s about generating a new level of insight within a single pane of glass, allowing customers to optimize their tech stacks, reduce costs, and focus resources on core operations.”

Grid serves specialized teams in government, emergency response, insurance, and law enforcement, while also enhancing operations in corporate security, event management, and employee and infrastructure protection. The solution delivers:

Diverse data integrations: Fusing data from social media, public cameras, crime reports, satellite imagery, and news sources, Grid provides a comprehensive view of dynamic environments.

Real-time intelligence: Grid is powered by AI that continuously provides timely and accurate information, enabling threat assessments and proactive measures against risk to locations, assets, supply chains, and other critical areas.

Precision: By filtering extraneous data, Grid surfaces relevant geospatial information, ensuring teams have critical data to derive intelligence.

Multi-channel notifications: Grid delivers instant alerts to notify teams about emerging threats, facilitate rapid decision-making, and power immediate response.

Simplicity: Grid’s user-friendly interface simplifies data review and insight gathering, minimizing the need for multiple tools and extensive training.

“Recognized as an innovator by the OSMOSIS Institute last year, Skopenow builds on that momentum by introducing Grid—a solution that ups the ante for the entire industry in 2024,” said Cynthia Hetherington, founder of the OSMOSIS Institute. “Having seen Grid in action, I can say with certainty that this is an exciting development and is already making waves in our fast-growing field.”

Grid integrates with Skopenow’s existing products, including Workbench, Link Analysis, and Pre-Check, and further establishes the company as a dominant force in the OSINT market.

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