Industrial Defender collaborates with Dragos to enhance outcomes for OT operators

Industrial Defender announced a strategic technology partnership with Dragos.

The collaboration between these leaders in OT cybersecurity integrates their respective platform capabilities, representing a major move towards combining their leading strengths to enhance outcomes for OT operators.

The partnership is centered around the shared goal of enhancing the security and resilience of critical infrastructure and manufacturing facilities. The intent of this collaboration is to bring together the unique strengths of both Industrial Defender and Dragos.

Dragos provides leading capabilities in network monitoring, advanced threat detection, response, and recovery capabilities. Industrial Defender complements this with its strengths in asset-level data gathering, configuration management, change detection, and compliance status. The synergy of these capabilities ensures a more robust and nuanced understanding of the OT security landscape, providing an essential boost to the situational awareness of their joint customers.

“In today’s complex cybersecurity landscape, collaboration is exactly what the industry deserves from its vendors,” said Jay Williams, CEO of Industrial Defender. “Our partnership with Dragos, a renowned industry leader, is pivotal in our mission to defend against escalating cyber threats targeting operational technology. By joining forces, we aim to leverage our combined strengths, offering a more comprehensive view of both network-level and asset-level security. This ensures our customers attain the highest level of situational awareness and protection in their operational environments.”

“Industrial Defender’s longstanding expertise in ICS/OT security is well-recognized in operational environments,” said Matt Cowell, Global VP of Business Development, Dragos. “We are thrilled to partner with them to bring holistic and robust solutions to OT security teams. Our complementary methods and respective strengths foster an even more integrated approach to managing the various layers of security throughout the OT operational environment. This partnership signifies our mutual commitment to securing the industrial worlds and protecting critical infrastructure effectively.”

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