Veriti Odin utilizes AI algorithms to detect and analyze threats

Veriti launched its AI powered contextual cybersearch solution, Veriti Odin.

Veriti Odin

Leveraging advanced AI architecture, Odin is designed to optimize and elevate the way businesses approach cybersecurity, creating certainty that solutions are deployed correctly, and configured accurately, and protecting against threats comprehensively.

Odin’s core functionality lies in leveraging Large Language Models (LLM) that are integrated with all security tools for real-time risk analysis and response across the enterprise. The solution excels in correlating, visualizing, and presenting live data, offering a clear and concise overview of an organization’s security posture. Its proactive security approach provides a cost-effective solution that closes the cybersecurity skill gap with an AI-powered contextual cybersearch, allowing focused and rapid decision-making.

Key features of Odin include:

Precise and contextual responses: Interact directly with the Veriti platform using natural language queries providing precise and contextual responses that are easy to digest, in the security terms you are familiar with.

Advanced risk identification and AI analytics: Utilizes AI algorithms to detect and analyze emerging threats and security gaps in real time.

Comprehensive security dashboard: A unified interface that integrates data from various security tools. Visualization of security posture and threats for easy comprehension and monitoring.

One-click remediation without business disruption: Identify the root cause and automatically mitigate risk with confidence and zero disruption to the business.

“We’re excited to see the adoption of our cybersearch solution amongst our customers,” says Adi Ikan, CEO, Veriti. “The ease in which definitive remediation responses are made available across the security fabric and respective teams saves invaluable time and resources changing how enterprises manage risk. Odin emerges as a beacon of innovation and reliability for enterprises seeking to fortify their cybersecurity posture. Our AI-driven solution is not just a tool; it’s a strategic partner in navigating the challenging cybersecurity landscape.”

Odin gives organizations the confidence to know that their security investments and controls are providing the utmost security and resiliency. Unlike other LLM security products, Odin can identify, categorize, and redact sensitive information in unstructured text directly from complex documents, allowing users to ensure data privacy compliance within a streamlined workflow.

It effortlessly detects and safeguards crucial information, adhering to the highest standards of data privacy and security. It effectively addresses exposures and misconfigurations to guarantee accurate deployment, correct configuration and ensure overall protection of the enterprise’s security tools. This solution simplifies complex security environments and security controls so businesses can maximize return on security investments, and optimize manpower for cost effectiveness.

Odin is now available.

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