1Kosmos BlockID 1Key secures users in restricted environments

1Kosmos announced BlockID 1Key, a biometric security key to provide a phishing-resistant passwordless multi-factor authentication option for Sensitive Compartmented Information Facilities (SCIF), manufacturing clean rooms, customer help desks, higher education labs, retail bank branches, healthcare providers and other restricted environments where access to mobile devices is not permitted or available.

1Kosmos BlockID 1Key

The BlockID 1Key which is connected to a shared workstation, is FIDO compliant and provides phishing-resistant passwordless MFA without the need to assign every user a physical key. This provides a cost advantage over conventional keys because one key can support unlimited users for each device, so fewer are required. BlockID 1Key also defeats unauthorized access due to key sharing and improves cycle time for customer-facing business processes, especially where login to multiple systems is required.

Organizations using BlockID 1Key can verify identity at the first and every access attempt, significantly improving defenses against password-based attacks such as phishing and vishing. In addition, the BlockID platform secures the registered biometric, accessible only at the time of authentication via a public and private key pair. This creates an immutable chain of custody, providing tamper-evident identity verification and phishing-resistant credentials.

For workstation-independent environments, BlockID 1Key supports a register-once-use-anywhere model that allows users to authenticate and work on any managed device. Users simply select any managed workstation, log in with their username and then touch the fingerprint sensor. This experience is quick and convenient, includes support for Windows login, and is also compatible with any WebAuthn service or application.

“Passwordless is extremely difficult and costly to deploy in environments such as call centers and manufacturing floors where mobile devices aren’t permitted or used,” said Hemen Vimadalal, CEO of 1Kosmos. “BlockID 1Key eliminates this roadblock and provides a phishing-resistant, scalable and interoperable passwordless experience for workers in dynamically assigned workspace settings – using a stationary, one-to-many FIDO-compliant key.”

The 1Kosmos BlockID advantage

BlockID 1Key is a FIDO2 passkey and CTAP2 compliant, providing interoperability across various systems and delivering the following capabilities:

  • Open, scalable and interoperable passwordless authentication for organizations whose workers are dynamically assigned a workspace in environments where mobile devices are prohibited, such as hoteling office settings, call centers, manufacturing clean rooms, etc.
  • User/role specific access control policies that improve the authentication experience, and allow enrolled employees to use their biometrics to log in to secured desktops without the use of a password.
  • Phishing-resistant passwordless access to any supported desktop, once users have registered their biometrics at onboarding, using the 1Kosmos register-once-use-anywhere model.
  • Optionally combine NIST 800-63-3 IAL2-certified identity to the authentication experience.

BlockID 1Key is available immediately from 1Kosmos and its business partners worldwide.

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