Regula introduces smart testing for remote onboarding efficiency

Currently, over 75% of countries worldwide use electronic documents equipped with NFC chips. Due to this fact, virtually every business has to deal with such kinds of IDs during customer onboarding. This calls for customized identity verification (IDV) systems to be able to properly verify the holder’s data and the chip itself.

Regula NFC TestKit

To help organizations establish a smooth and reliable IDV process for remote e-document onboarding, Regula has come up with a tailor-made service, Regula NFC TestKit, which provides identity document samples with real NFC chips for testing purposes.

Before adopting an IDV system, it’s imperative to conduct thorough testing, especially for large-scale businesses. However, it is nearly impossible to obtain a reliable set of IDs with real NFC chips (as they contain sensitive personal data) to test-drive the verification process. Besides, it’s not that easy to test both positive and negative verification scenarios without representative ID sampling. Regula’s service, Regula NFC TestKit, addresses these issues.

Depending on the particular company’s business needs and market goals, Regula creates a test set of identity documents with NFC chips which are personalized with the data of fictitious identities or those provided by the customer. Apart from the chip, a visual zone and a machine readable zone (MRZ) can also be generated to enable robust cross-checking and system testing.

These test IDs are simplified images (with special marks to show that they are not full replicas) of the required pages of the documents the company intends to verify. They are backed up with corresponding templates in a special database version so that the IDV solution can recognize them properly.

By choosing Regula NFC TestKit service, enterprises can benefit from:

  • Shorter time to market. Checking and fine-tuning the IDV process with the help of test documents eliminates the necessity of undergoing an early adoption period during which a company could face friction.
  • Enhanced IDV solution trial and early problem identification. Regula NFC TestKit service provides the most complete representation of identity documents with multiple data fields. That means any organization can test-drive the complete remote onboarding procedure to address potential issues or vulnerabilities.
  • Flexibility and customization. Regula’s service is tailored to the specific needs of any given organization. It is possible to create an NFC-chip-based document sample of any type from any country to test the most likely customer onboarding scenarios.
  • Maximum security assurance. Using NFC chips and replicating the data in the MRZ and visual zone ensures that IDV process testing mimics real-life scenarios to get ready to handle customers’ personal data securely.

To enable this service, Regula leverages its unique competencies in forensic examination, as well as IDV software and hardware development. The company personalizes NFC chips with fictitious persons’ data, which is recorded with the help of Regula’s document readers.

Importantly, Regula generates all necessary certificate chains for every country in the list, signs the data using these certificates, and provides them to the customer for performing passive authentication. This approach fully imitates the scenario with real NFC chips in real IDs, which allows businesses to take advantage of lifelike document verification when testing their IDV systems.

Regula NFC TestKit is equipped with this functionality thanks to the fact that it is backed by the world’s most comprehensive identity document template database, which is exclusively owned and maintained by Regula. With more than 13,000 templates of IDs from 247 countries and territories, this database makes it possible to imitate nearly any identity document for testing purposes. And thanks to this asset, Regula is able to cover any geography a business may be interested in.

“Businesses currently strive to find suitable solutions to independently test the remote onboarding process of electronic documents, and until now, there have been no offerings on the market to address this gap. With our new service for complete imitation of real IDs, we enable organizations to conduct highly efficient testing to identify and prevent any potential issues prior to the launch of their IDV systems,” says Ihar Kliashchou, CTO at Regula.

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