CIS ESS Mobile offers visibility into blind spots on mobile devices

While most organizations focus cybersecurity efforts on fortifying their networks, the mobile devices connected to them often remain vulnerable. In addressing this gap, the Center for Internet Security (CIS) introduces CIS Endpoint Security Services (ESS) Mobile, a tailored solution offered exclusively to U.S. State, Local, Tribal, and Territorial (SLTT) organizations.

CIS ESS Mobile

CIS ESS Mobile is an expansion of CIS Endpoint Security Services (ESS), which launched in 2022, offering real-time visibility into vulnerabilities at network endpoints. With most employees using phones or other devices to check email and connect to their networks remotely, these devices must also be secure.

Key benefits of ESS Mobile:

Enables visibility into blind spots on mobile devices in real time: ESS Mobile consistently tracks the security landscape of your mobile devices, identifying and addressing threats as they emerge.

Empowers users with actionable insights into mobile threats: ESS Mobile transforms complex mobile security data into clear, actionable insights, helping users proactively address potential threats.

Mitigates risk to mobile devices: Powered by industry leader CrowdStrike, ESS Mobile provides a multi-layered security approach to effectively mitigate cyber risks associated with mobile devices.

Delivers automated threat protection with privacy-centric design: ESS Mobile equips security teams with automated threat protection through endpoint detection and response (EDR) that blocks malicious phishing links, identifies vulnerable devices, and detects malicious and unwanted activity on business-critical mobile apps.

“ESS Mobile not only fortifies our members’ defenses against evolving threats, but also allows them to maintain the highest standards of mobile cybersecurity, better enabling them to protect the integrity and confidentiality of sensitive information across their infrastructures,” said Lee Noriega, Executive Director of Cybersecurity Services Organization. “Its real-time response capabilities and advanced threat hunting features align perfectly with our commitment to safeguarding our SLTT community.”

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