KTrust introduces novel threat exposure approach for the Kubernetes era

KTrust announced its emergence from stealth and $5.3 million in seed funding from Canadian-Israeli deep-tech VC Awz Ventures. Leveraging its attacker-centric approach to security, KTrust meets a major market need in pre-emptively securing dynamic Kubernetes development environments.

Kubernetes security is vital as companies rapidly adopt containerized application management. Traditional Kubernetes security tools usually adopt a passive approach, focusing on misconfigurations and vulnerability management. These fail to address the expanding attack surfaces, leaving organizations vulnerable to breaches.

KTrust’s Continuous Threat Exposure Management (CTEM) platform offers a new approach by continuously and autonomously discovering attack paths, and maneuvering around existing security measures to identify and validate actual exposures with optimized mitigation for each unique Kubernetes ecosystem.

The platform provides in-depth visibility into the customer’s distinctive K8s ecosystem. Utilizing exclusive red team algorithms, KTrust mimics attackers and bypasses security controls to validate real attacks.

“KTrust introduces a proactive approach to K8s security that has been missing until now. KTrust continuously assesses your K8s security threat posture by challenging your critical assets with advanced attack pathways,” said Nadav Toledo, CEO and co-founder. “Our in-house research lab is dedicated to uncovering novel attack vectors to constantly refine our attack algorithms, ensuring validation and identification of attack vectors tailored to every dynamic environment.”

KTrust’s founding team shares a deep and decades long understanding of the cybersecurity space. CEO Nadav Toledo was a Colonel in the 8200 intelligence unit of the Israeli Military; CTO Nadav Aharon-Nov, is a veteran hacker and cybersecurity leader and COO Sigalit Shavit is the former Global CIO of CyberArk with extensive experience of enterprise security. Snir Mazilik, KTrust’s Chief Business Officer, with his 10-year tenure as CEO of a global trade company, brings strong business development experience to the team.

“Our investment in KTrust signifies our confidence in their distinctive Kubernetes security solution, meeting a critical market demand. With this investment KTrust will scale to empower DevSecOps globally in ensuring the secure deployment of their K8s-based applications.” said Yaron Ashkenazi, Managing Partner, Awz Ventures.

“As a service company expanding our Kubernetes fleet, we wanted a dedicated security solution to immediately scan clusters on deployment. KTrust’s solution provides crucial confidence that our infrastructure is secure and that we are one step ahead of threats,” said Dima Tatur, VP of Cyber Security, Commit.

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