Cybersecurity sectors adjust as DDoS attacks reach new heights

In this Help Net Security video, Andrey Slastenov, Head of Security Department at Gcore, discusses the findings of their latest report that provide insights into the current state of the DDoS protection market and cybersecurity trends.

Key highlights from Q3–Q4 2023:

  • The maximum attack power rose from 800 Gbps (1H 2023) to 1.6 Tbps.
  • UDP floods constitute 62% of DDoS attacks. TCP floods and ICMP attacks remain popular at 16% and 12% respectively and SYN, SYN+ACK flood, and RST Flood, account for just 10% combined.
  • The most-attacked business sectors were gaming (46%), financial (including banks and gambling services) (22%) and telecom (18%).
  • The USA (24%), Indonesia (17%), and The Netherlands (12%) are listed as the top three attack source countries.
  • The most extended attack duration lasted 9 hours.
  • The average length of attack was approximately an hour.


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