Silobreaker enhances threat intelligence platform with MITRE ATT&CK TTP detection capabilities

Silobreaker announced an integration with MITRE ATT&CK Matrix for Enterprise, Industrial Control Systems (ICS) and Mobile, to help organizations better understand threats associated with malware, threat actors and industries.

This latest enhancement enables organizations using the Silobreaker platform to leverage the MITRE ATT&CK Matrix – a global database of tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs) based on real-world observations – to categorise, assess and respond to threats to their operations.

Cyber threat intelligence analysts often struggle to transform raw information and reporting into actionable intelligence that’s relevant to their organizations. Silobreaker’s latest integration enables them to zero in on references to TTPs labelled with ATT&CK identifiers across open and premium intelligence sources, filtering by source, unusual activity, volume and timespan. They can then seamlessly populate a dynamic, up-to-date ATT&CK Matrix for Enterprise, ICS or Mobile domains, based on their findings.

Key features and benefits

Organizations can discover TTPs from Silobreaker’s unparalleled collection of critical threat intelligence sources, including open-source blogs, government agencies, threat research and social media, as well as premium vendors such as Mandiant, Flashpoint and Intel 471 – all presented in the ATT&CK Matrix view.

With this breadth of coverage into threat actors and malware, threat intelligence teams can be confident that they have access to the latest and highest-quality information on TTPs, all in one place.

ATT&CK identifiers are now natively integrated into Silobreaker’s powerful entity extraction and querying capabilities, enabling analysts to use tactic or technique identifiers to search for and detect threat actors, malware or industries of interest related to certain TTPs. Intelligence teams are also able to efficiently disseminate intelligence on TTPs to key stakeholders within their organisations, through custom intelligence reports and via the Silobreaker intelligence workspace.

“Silobreaker’s threat intelligence platform, enhanced with MITRE ATT&CK TTP detection capabilities, provides organizations with even greater visibility of the evolving threat landscape,” said Kristofer Mansson, CEO of Silobreaker. “Threat intelligence analysts often spend hours mapping TTPs so they can better understand and mitigate threats; this latest integration speeds up that process, placing their organizations in a stronger position to defend against adversaries.”

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