Metomic provides data security tool for organizations that rely on Slack

Metomic announced Metomic for Slack Enterprise. By partnering with Slack, Metomic gives security teams full visibility and control of sensitive data sent across an organization’s entire Slack workspace.

Metomic for Slack

Metomic for Slack enables heightened levels of security within public, private and Slack Connect channels by identifying vulnerable information that has been shared on the app and pinpointing critical security and compliance risks, such as PCI DSS, HIPAA, GDPR, and more.

As a verified Slack DLP Partner, Metomic for Slack Enterprise enables compliance and security teams to automate data security tasks on Slack, such as data redaction, data retention, data quarantining, and employee notifications. Metomic’s workflow-based setup makes it easy to begin monitoring Slack conversations in real-time, significantly minimizing the risk of data leaks and compliance breaches on the platform. Using pre-built classifiers and policies, companies can implement Metomic for Slack to identify common data security risks.

Slack is one of the world’s most popular collaborative work apps, with industry reports claiming the platform has as many as 35 million daily active users. According to Slack’s own data, more than 80% of Fortune 100 companies rely on the app to drive productivity across their organizations. Its ease of use and wide adoption rates—along with its distinct ability to integrate with thousands of other work apps—make Slack everyone’s favorite collaborative app, but its lack of end-to-end encryption opens the platform up to serious data security risks.

“We know Slack is the ultimate productivity tool, but it also poses severe data security risks for the businesses that use it. Studies have shown that Slack credentials routinely show up on the dark web—one specific report found login info for 12,000 different Slack workplaces for sale on hacking forums. Add its lack of end-to-end encryption and you have a recipe for disaster for the thousands of organizations that rely on the app to get work done,” said Rich Vibert, CEO, Metomic.

“With Metomic for Slack, security teams gain complete visibility into what data is being shared on the platform and who is sharing it. It’s one more way we’re keeping entire SaaS ecosystems safe while allowing companies to take full advantage of the collaborative work apps that help them get work done,” added Vibert.

Metomic for Slack gives companies of all sizes using Slack Enterprise the full benefits of Slack without the data security risks that come with it—it’s the essential data security tool for organizations that rely on Slack to drive productivity across the organization.

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