Paramount Defenses launches Gold Finger 8.0 for Microsoft Active Directory

Paramount Defenses released Gold Finger version 8.0 for Microsoft Active Directory.

Unfortunately, over the last few years, ostensibly in the name of security and modernization, certain cloud-computing companies seem to have been deftly persuading organizations worldwide to transition their primary identities to their cloud. Organizations that do so may not realize that they are relinquishing operational autonomy and organizational privacy and taking on an eternal dependency on these cloud providers, essentially weakening their corporate and national security.

“In today’s world, operational autonomy, security and privacy are absolutely imperative. The day an organization transitions its primary identities to a third-party, such as a provider in the cloud, is the day it will have relinquished its operational autonomy and privacy, forever. Organizations whose primary identities reside in autonomously operated (e.g. Active Directory based) IT infrastructures need not relinquish their operational autonomy or surrender their privacy to techno-feudalism,” said Sanjay Tandon, CEO of Paramount Defenses.

For over a decade, Active Directory has been the hallmark of autonomous operation, and the focal point of secure and efficient IT, identity and access management. The biggest challenge in organizational cyber security worldwide has been that attaining and maintaining least privileged access (LPA) in Active Directory, which are imperative for organizational cyber security and Zero Trust, has been difficult.

Attaining and maintaining least privileged access requires the fundamental ability to assess and lockdown access in Active Directory accurately, and Gold Finger’s fully-automated Microsoft-endorsed access assessment capabilities let organizations assess and lockdown all access, including privileged access, the “Keys to the Kingdom,” in Active Directory, thereby addressing the biggest challenge in organizational cybersecurity.

Gold Finger automates the process of analyzing millions of security permissions in Active Directory and determining who can do what, where, and how in terms of administrative tasks at a button’s touch, accomplishing in minutes what takes months.

The combination of Microsoft Active Directory and Microsoft-endorsed Gold Finger enables organizations worldwide to securely and autonomously operate their Active Directory powered IT infrastructures, thereby retaining control over their primary identities.

Gold Finger Version 8.0 also delivers support for Windows 11, and is now available.

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