Thrive Incident Response & Remediation helps organizations contain and remove threats

Thrive launched Thrive Incident Response & Remediation, an on-demand cybersecurity response service to contain and remove threats, along with engineering assistance to rebuild and restore critical systems.

Phishing, ransomware and other cyberattacks put businesses of every size at huge risk of losing millions of dollars trying to remedy the situation. In fact, according to IBM, the global average cost of a data breach in 2023 was $4.45 million – a 15% increase over three years. This kind of cost is unfathomable for many businesses – especially small to mid-sized enterprises, who simply cannot afford to pay out such a vast sum.

To help customers mitigate risk and avoid the rising costs of security threats, Thrive has introduced its latest cybersecurity offering: Thrive Incident Response & Remediation. With this solution, customers are connected to a dedicated Incident Responder from the Thrive Security Operations Center (SOC) in the event of a security incident to access the incident’s scope and provide immediate response actions to restore services.

Thrive Incident Response & Remediation proactively gets ahead of cybersecurity threats by collaborating on pre-incident planning and running an automated compromise assessment that will hunt for threats already in the environment. Should an incident occur, customers using the service will see faster recovery time after a cybersecurity incident, keeping business disruption and the costs associated to a minimum.

Thrive’s Incident Response & Remediation services include:

  • Pre-incident planning: Thrive security experts engage with subscribed clients to ensure that they have an approved incident response plan, an asset inventory prioritized based on business impact and a backup strategy for critical systems
  • Incident response tools: Upon working together, an incident response agent is installed on systems prior to an incident. These advanced tools ensure potential threats are contained faster and provide high-value forensic artifacts
  • Compromise asessment: Thrive conducts an automated compromise assessment during onboarding to identify current threats that may impact systems
  • Prioritized incident management: Users can report an incident with a 15-minute response time guaranteed by the Thrive SOC to begin threat assessment and scoping

“Many business leaders today are facing the daunting task of safeguarding their IT environment amidst an evolving cybersecurity landscape, and need support to ensure they have the tools and experience that will keep their systems and data safe,” said Michael Gray, CTO of Thrive.

“At Thrive, we make being the IT and cybersecurity experts our business so our customers can focus on their own. Thrive’s Incident Response & Remediation services is the latest extension of that mission so that no matter the threat, our clients have the resources and peace of mind needed to keep their businesses moving forward,” added Gray.

Thrive Incident Response & Remediation is the latest of the company’s comprehensive solutions aimed at safeguarding the entire IT environment and securely optimizing business performance.

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