Using cloud development environments to secure source code

In this Help Net Security video, Rob Whiteley, CEO at Coder, discusses the cloud development environment (CDE) technology landscape and its benefits.

From the earliest stages of writing code to deploying finalized applications, CDEs are reimagining the developer experience, gaining traction as the next frontier of programming productivity, collaboration, and security.

Coder surveyed enterprises employing at least 2,000 workers and 250 developers and found that:

  • CDEs are adding value at the enterprise level: 66% of large organizations are currently using CDEs.
  • Awareness is widespread: 95% of participants are familiar with CDEs.
  • Perceived benefits: Including optimizing the environment setup process (15.4%), making environment management easier (13.9%), improving accessibility (13.9%), improving security (12.6%), more flexibility in tool choices (12.4%), and more.

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