Interos Resilience Watchtower enables companies to monitor vulnerabilities

Interos announced Interos Resilience Watchtower, a personalized risk technology that evolves organizations from monitoring to action.

The module allows leaders to build tailored risk models that prioritize at-risk suppliers based on their materiality to the business, for a faster and more precise risk response.

Resilience Watchtower speeds procurement decision-making by defining a shortlist of suppliers who fail a company’s unique risk thresholds. Procurement and risk teams can assign specific criteria for different suppliers – automatically triggering remediation workflows if thresholds are exceeded. It is the only solution that incorporates data from both the company and Interos.

“This innovation moves the industry past multi-tier mapping and monitoring to clear enterprise value,” says Interos CEO Jennifer Bisceglie. “One global financial client has used it to identify “repeat offenders” within their third-party network for targeted mitigation, weeks ahead of a subsequent breach reported by their third party. Next generation resilience demands this level of materiality and actionability delivered through dynamic and tailored risk modeling.”

Unlike “one-size-fits-all” assessments anchored in fixed risk conditions, Resilience Watchtower’s contextualized intelligence aligns risk data to business priorities. The module enables companies to monitor vulnerabilities across 200+ underlying risk attributes including financial, cyber, esg, geopolitical, regulatory, and catastrophic. Watchlists can be configured to a range of scenarios.

For example, amid relentless cyber-attacks, banks concerned with third parties’ handling of sensitive data or security vulnerabilities can receive tailored alerts on changes in the cyber risk scores of critical third parties – while simultaneously tracking financial risk for third parties with significant annual spend and/or potential solvency risks.

The AI-first breakthrough comes amid continued growth and momentum at Interos, recognized as one of Inc. magazine’s Fastest-Growing Private Companies in North America. The company recently announced strategic agreements with Singapore’s Defense Technology Agency and Irving Shipbuilding, among others, further solidifying its commitment as the trusted partner for enhancing supplier resilience and competitiveness.

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