Cybersecurity jobs available right now: March 27, 2024

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Cybersecurity jobs available right now: July 17, 2024

cybersecurity jobs march 2024

Cyber Product Owner

UBS | Israel | On-siteNo longer accepting applications

Your primary responsibilities will include owning and managing application security testing products, collaborating with the cyber hygiene operational team, and understanding their needs. You will also engage with the application development community to comprehend their requirements for application security testing.

Cybersecurity Engineer

AKUR8 | France | HybridNo longer accepting applications

AKUR8 seeks a cybersecurity engineer to help improve security posture and manage internal IT duties. You’ll join the cloud, IT, and security team, integrating into the SecOps & IT squad. Their mission is to build, deploy, and operate operational security controls and manage internal IT.

Cyber Security Specialist – Automotive

Hashlist | Sweden | HybridNo longer accepting applications

Develop and implement comprehensive cybersecurity strategies for automotive systems and networks, focusing on protecting vehicles from cyber threats, unauthorized access, and data breaches. Conduct thorough security assessments and penetration testing on automotive software, hardware, and communication protocols to identify vulnerabilities and security risks.


Cyber Security Assurance Analyst

Stryker | Costa Rica | HybridNo longer accepting applications

You will be responsible for assessing, analyzing, and evaluating security controls, policies, and procedures to identify vulnerabilities and risks, as well as providing recommendations for remediation and continuous improvement.

Cyber Security and Compliance Lead

Carrier | Portugal | On-siteNo longer accepting applications

The position serves as the process owner of all assurance activities related to the availability, integrity, and confidentiality of customers, business partners, employees, and business information in compliance with the organization’s information security policies.

Cybersecurity Specialist

Olinio | Romania | On-siteNo longer accepting applications

As a Cybersecurity Analyst, you will play an important role in monitoring, analyzing, and responding to security incidents, as well as conducting security assessments to identify and mitigate vulnerabilities. Maintain a strong understanding of security best practices, industry standards, and security frameworks.

Early Career SOC Analyst

State Street | USA | On-siteNo longer accepting applications

The Early Career Cyber Security Operations Center (SOC) analyst will assist in the detection, triage, analysis and response to cyber-attacks. The analyst will join the SOC team which will run a 24/7 coverage, 365 days a year model, with a partner team in Ireland.

Head of Incident Response

Halcyon | USA | RemoteNo longer accepting applications

The candidate will play a key role in delivering technical services to ransomware victims and Halcyon customers to provide data recovery and/or DFIR services. This includes strong technical knowledge of ransomware TTPs and be able to facilitate projects at an executive and technical level. The ideal candidate can coordinate with technical staff, executive leadership, internal and external clients, and legal counsel.

IT Service Specialist – Cybersecurity Compliance

Siemens | Spain | HybridNo longer accepting applications

This entry-level role is ideal for candidates with a foundational understanding of IT systems and a keen interest in diving deeper into cybersecurity topics. The position offers the opportunity to gain hands-on experience in both on-premise and cloud-based SaaS solutions, with a strong emphasis on ensuring compliance with industry standards and regulations.

Junior Security Engineer

Bugcrowd | Australia | RemoteNo longer accepting applications

The Junior Security Engineer’s role is to aid the security efforts of Bugcrowd, while proactively making changes to further improve our security posture. To achieve this goal, we require a motivated team who are willing to push their own boundaries and step out of their comfort zones.

OT Security Engineer

First Point Group | Dubai | On-siteNo longer accepting applications

Your expertise will architect robust defenses, safeguard data, and foster a safer digital landscape for clients. You’ll lead the charge in deploying solutions, conducting on-site visits, and sharing your knowledge through training and consulting.

Physical Security Lead

Notion | USA | On-siteNo longer accepting applications

The Physical Security Lead is responsible for the efficient and safe operation of the organization’s physical security initiatives. This includes managing the development and implementation of access and perimeter control operational procedures, overseeing the travel security program, incident management, and security operation centers, and performing site walk-throughs for new offices, expansions, and M&A activity.

Product Security Engineer

Malwarebytes | Estonia | On-siteNo longer accepting applications

Malwarebytes is looking for someone to join their security team and apply their experience with tools and technologies and identifying and addressing product security issues. They want someone who has previously worked as an Application Security Engineer, is motivated to learn new products/tools and can work independently with little guidance.

Red Team Analyst

MetLife | USA | HybridNo longer accepting applications

The Red Team Analyst will help develop and perform various Red Team activities and exercises along with a series of periodic penetration tests. You’ll provide subject matter expertise across multiple areas related to enhancing MetLife’s security posture. This role will also require analytical and communication skills in order to efficiently interact with global stakeholders and provide input to drive remediation.

Senior Information Security Analyst

Wells Fargo | USA | On-siteNo longer accepting applications

You’ll be responsible for working with our teams to ensure that data is protected and classified correctly. You’ll open tickets, vet evidence, and validate data. Wells Fargo need someone who enjoys protecting organizations from a security standpoint. Bring your Jira and Excel skills to a place that values your accuracy, hard work and input.

Security Management Manager

Nissan | Thailand | On-siteNo longer accepting applications

Manage both the strategic and operational teams of the security department. Identify and evaluate risks and critical factors within the organization and business units, and develop and implement a comprehensive security protocol and process.

Senior Cyber Security Engineer

NVIDIA | Israel | On-site – View job details

NVIDIA are seeking a highly skilled cyber security engineer to be responsible for researching, planning and deployment of information security measures in the company. In this role, you will contribute to the company’s mission by researching, planning, and deploying information security measures.

Senior Insider Threat Analyst

KLA | USA | HybridNo longer accepting applications

Help KLA identify, evaluate, and reduce risk. Review logs and indicators to identify, analyze, document, and report on actions or behaviors as observed by security logs that are risky, do not align to company policies, or are otherwise deemed suspicious. Correlate data points from various sources to support identification of anomalous behavior using critical thinking skills.

Senior Security Engineer

Mercedes-AMG Petronas Formula One Team | UK | HybridNo longer accepting applications

The successful candidate will report to the Head of Information Security and will support security improvements, responding to incidents, and working closely with colleagues across the business to ensure that security requirements are met. Work with the internal tooling and third parties to conduct red and purple teaming of our environment to identify security gaps.

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