Cybersecurity jobs available right now: April 10, 2024

Some of the jobs listed here are no longer accepting applications. For a fresh list of open cybersecurity jobs, go here:
Cybersecurity jobs available right now: May 22, 2024

cybersecurity jobs April 2024

Application Security Engineer

HCLTech | Mexico | RemoteNo longer accepting applications

As an Application Security Engineer, you will work on the security engineering team and collaborate with other IT professionals to ensure that user data is protected.

Cybersecurity Incident Response Specialist

Amer Sports | Germany | HybridNo longer accepting applications

As an Incident Response Specialist, you’ll play an essential role in proactively preparing for, responding to, and recovering from cybersecurity incidents, ensuring the protection of Amer Sports’ digital assets, and maintaining business continuity.

Cyber Security Analyst

7Layers | Italy | RemoteNo longer accepting applications

You will be responsible for cybersecurity monitoring and analysis of the customer infrastructures, as well as investigating any security issues or breaches. The ideal candidate should have a previous cybersecurity experience in the information technology field.


Cyber Security Engineer

Veolia Japan | Japan | HybridNo longer accepting applications

Veolia Japan is looking for someone motivated that can find and resolve security threats at the root cause level. As a Cyber Security Engineer, you will work under the guidance of the CISO, Industrial CISO and CIO.

Cyber Security Risk Analyst

Chevron | Israel | On-siteNo longer accepting applications

The Risk Analyst and cyber defense position is vital to assessing risks, analyzing cyber threats, and assisting in preventing cyber-attacks before they occur. This position is responsible for providing guidance on tools to measure and manage risk, identify/mitigate threats, and protect against unauthorized disclosure of confidential information.


Tata Consultancy Services | Mexico | HybridNo longer accepting applications

In this role, you’ll ll be responsible for building, configuring, maintaining, and enhancing Jenkins infrastructure to help ensure platform stability. A key part of this role involves implementing stages with Jenkins shared libraries for cross-team use and the building of enforced security and quality gates in the pipelines.

Early Career Cyber SOC Analyst

State Street | USA | On-siteNo longer accepting applications

The SOC team is responsible for analyzing events from multiple sources from across a large enterprise network. The SOC will partner with multiple teams in our Cyber Fusion Center including but not limited to Advanced Threat, Cyber Threat Intelligence, & Red/Purple teams.

Forensic Specialist

Gracepoint Wellness | USA | On-siteNo longer accepting applications

The Forensic Specialist is responsible for monitoring forensic issues for individuals who are diagnosed with a mental illness. The Forensic Specialist is responsible for ensuring compliance with legal and judicial requirements, for monitoring hospitalized individuals monthly, and assisting in securing after care services upon discharge.

GRC Cyber Security Consultant

HUB Security | Israel | Hybrid – View job details

As a Cybersecurity GRC Consultant, you will be responsible for developing and implementing cybersecurity policies, procedures, and controls to mitigate risks and ensure compliance with regulatory requirements. You’ll also provide expert guidance and support to internal teams on security governance frameworks, risk management practices, and compliance initiatives.

IT Auditor

Insight Assurance | Argentina | RemoteNo longer accepting applications

The role of Staff or Experienced IT Auditor includes the execution of client engagements and internal activities related to SOC 1, SOC 2, and SOC 3 examinations, HIPAA assessments, and external audits of other security and privacy frameworks/standards.

Incident Response Team Analyst

Meta | USA | On-siteNo longer accepting applications

In this role, you’ll review and assess inbound emergency escalations, make immediate decisions based on variety of complex factors that will include imminence, sensitive issues and graphic content and coordinate with a number of internal and external partners including law enforcement in an attempt to ensure user’s safety.

Information Governance Officer

Counter Terrorism Policing | UK | On-siteNo longer accepting applications

Working within the Compliance and Assurance Pillar within CTPHQ, you’ll provide professional advice and guidance on all matters relating to data compliance across the CT Policing network. Encouraging and promoting best practice so there’s a consistent approach, you’ll work right at the heart of this vital Unit.

Information Security Incident Process Manager

ASSA ABLOY Group | Sweden | On-siteNo longer accepting applications

The company are seeking a talented and self-motivated individual with expertise in process definition, implementation, monitoring, and improvement, crucial for enhancing ASSA ABLOY’s incident management capabilities.

Principal Consultant – Offensive Security

Palo Alto Networks | Singapore | RemoteNo longer accepting applications

The Principal Consultant on the Offensive Security team is focused on assessing and challenging the security posture across a portfolio of clients. The individual will utilize a variety of tools developed and act as a key team member in client engagements. They will be the client’s advocate for cybersecurity best practices and will provide strong recommendations in this domain.

SOC Analyst

Cyberr | UAE | RemoteNo longer accepting applications

The ideal candidate will have a strong background in information security, incident response, and threat detection. As a SOC Analyst, you will play a crucial role in monitoring, analyzing, and responding to security incidents to safeguard the organization’s assets and information.

Senior Security Architect

Akamai | Israel | Remote – View job details

In this role, you will enhance the security of Akamai’s security posture by identifying and helping remediate risks and vulnerabilities. You will have the opportunity to collaborate with industry-leading security experts on a global team.

Security Researcher

Altered Security | India | RemoteNo longer accepting applications

Your job will involve researching and implementing latest attack and red team techniques, researching evasion of countermeasures, writing PoC tools in C#, PowerShell and other languages, and much more.

Security Consultant

Security Research Labs | Germany | On-siteNo longer accepting applications

In this role, you will be primarily responsible for providing security consulting services to a wide variety of clients. You work closely with hackers, researchers, and consultants to identify security issues and provide recommendations in complex, large-scale and one-of-a-kind-environments.

Threat Intelligence Analyst

Serco | UK | RemoteNo longer accepting applications

Working closely with external partners and internal teams, you will assist in various aspects of threat intelligence and cyber operations. You will play a critical role in ensuring efficient coordination, management, and communication of all cyber activities, contributing insights and proactive measures to enhance the overall cybersecurity posture.

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