Eclypsium Automata discovers vulnerabilities in IT infrastructure

Eclypsium launches Automata, a new AI-assisted feature for its digital supply chain security platform.

Available now, Automata is an automated binary analysis system that replicates the knowledge and tooling of expert security researchers to discover previously unknown threats, vulnerabilities, and misconfigurations.

Organizations today need automated defenses to fight evasive threats in low-level components, from both Advanced Persistent Threat actors (APTs) and other cyber criminal groups. Detecting these types of threats requires expertise in reverse-engineering as well as specialized tools for binary analysis.

Eclypsium built Automata to automate binary analysis, so Eclypsium customers can deeply analyze 100% of all new binaries in their environments. Automata encodes the expert knowledge of Eclypsium’s security research team, but can tirelessly analyze millions of new binaries 24-hours a day, every day.

“Most organizations have very little visibility into the types of risk and threats in their IT supply chain,” says Eclypsium CEO and Yuriy Bulygin. “With Eclypsium Automata, we’re giving customers an automated way to continuously scan and analyze firmware and software in every device in their IT infrastructure at the most fundamental level.”

The Eclypsium digital supply chain security platform enables an organization’s IT security and operations teams to continuously identify and monitor the bill of materials, integrity, and vulnerability of components and system code, providing comprehensive visibility into the overall digital supply chain risk to the organization.

As part of the platform, Automata has already uncovered several zero-day vulnerabilities across multiple vendors. The Eclypsium team is in the process of disclosing the discovered vulnerabilities in cooperation with the respective manufacturers.

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