Binarly releases Transparency Platform v2.0 to improve software supply chain security

Binarly has released the Binarly Transparency Platform v2.0 with features for continuous post-build compliance, visibility into the security posture of IoT and XIoT devices, and the ability to identify malicious behavior and hidden backdoors within binaries based on their behavior.

Binarly Transparency Platform v2.0

Based on the company’s proprietary Binary Risk Intelligence technology, the new innovations underscore Binarly’s commitment to pioneering solutions that enhance transparency and security across firmware and software ecosystems.

Founded in 2021 with a vision to increase transparency in the software supply chain through advanced program analysis, Binarly’s flagship platform has automated the discovery of hundreds of new vulnerabilities, preemptively addressing our customers’ security risks before they could escalate.

Binarly’s patented approach, powered by modern AI, has proactively neutralized both known and previously unknown threats, helping enterprise defenders minimize the delay between discovering vulnerabilities and delivering fixes.

“Most current software composition analysis (SCA) and software supply chain solutions rely on basic, outdated methods. Our approach with AI-powered Binary Risk Intelligence technology allows us to proactively identify and mitigate both known and unknown risks,” said Alex Matrosov, CEO of Binarly.

“This release brings enhanced clarity and transparency to the software supply chain ecosystem and enables enterprise security teams and empowers product security organizations to implement a secure-by-design approach at scale,” Matrosov added.

Enhanced features and capabilities

The Binarly Transparency Platform v2.0 introduces several key features to bolster security:

  • Continuous monitoring: Ensures post-build compliance by continuously validating security-related changes.
  • Deep insights: Enhances understanding of the security posture of IoT and XIoT devices, revealing vulnerabilities and dependencies.
  • Behavior analysis: Identifies malicious behavior and hidden backdoors in binaries based on their actions.
  • Secure coding practices: Detects insecure coding and evaluates build-time mitigations within each binary.
  • SBOM production: Enables production and validation of Software Bills of Materials (SBOMs) for a comprehensive risk overview.
  • Legal compliance: Detects license obligations and embedded keys to prevent legal issues and ensure secure cryptographic usage.

The Binarly Transparency Platform also offers a curated dashboard that empowers security leaders to make informed decisions, significantly reducing both the time and cost associated with developing fixes.

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