BforeAI raises $15 million to stop attacks before they occur

BforeAI has secured $15 million in Series A funding led by SYN Ventures, with renewed participation from early investors Karma Ventures, Karista, Addendum Capital, and a new investment from the Partnership Fund for New York City.

BforeAI autonomously maps and predicts malicious infrastructure through the ingestion of massive datasets, analyzing Internet metadata and establishing baselines to detect anomalies, deterring them before they turn into attacks. This unique capability empowers customers with a preemptive active defense posture that enables security teams to stop attacks before they are executed.

“BforeAI is automatically blocking thousands of attacks every day, this new round of funding boosts our ability to serve ever more sophisticated customers and drive value in a competitive market. Increasing digital fraud, scams and cyberattacks prove organizations can no longer rely only on a reactive approach: they need to preempt, disrupt and deter attacks,” said Luigi Lenguito, CEO of BforeAI.

With multiple AI/ML patents behind its technology, BforeAI specializes in predictive attack intelligence and automated digital risk protection services. The company’s mission is to proactively safeguard data, IT/OT networks, digital assets, customers, employees, and brand reputation. By using behavioral predictive intelligence, PreCrime monitors over 96% of the Internet to stay ahead of cyber threats, empowering organizations to effectively preempt risks days to weeks in advance of attack.

“The cybersecurity market is flush with solutions that help companies after an attack or breach has occurred. BforeAI is the first company to bring a predictive approach to improve organizations’ cyber posture. The unique ability to predict and stop a cybersecurity event before it happens and the thousands of direct integrations with service providers worldwide are clear differentiators in this crowded market,” said Jay Leek, Managing Partner and Co-founder of SYN Ventures and BforeAI Board Member.

“The combination of data and AI is leading to tremendous advances in the fight against attackers. Predicting where/when the attacker will be is the next level of cyber defense,” commented Richard Stiennon of IT-Harvest and leading industry analyst.

The BforeAI PreCrime subscription offering comprises both Intelligence and Brand solutions, designed to predict, preempt, and deter malicious campaigns before they impact your business; all with a 10 times contract value performance guarantee by Munich Re.

This learning technology is constantly improving anomaly identification to reduce false positives below 0.05%, enabling organizations to stop attacks in less than seven minutes.

Customers around the world are already turning to BforeAI, including large social media platforms, financial services organizations, and leading global manufacturers in the medical device, food service, and home electronics industries.

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